The Quiet Ones Hits Theaters THIS Friday April 25th!

The Quiet Ones (2014)

The newest release from Lionsgate Entertainment is set to hit theaters tomorrow (Friday April 25th).  The Quiet Ones a film based on true events of a college professor in Oxford who attempts to create a poltergeist. According to the films IMDB page: “A university professor and a team of students … Continue reading

Stage Fright – Horror Film Follies

Stage Fright

I was in my high school musicals. There.  I said it. The greenfaced, scary looking, horror film loving ogre known as Trapjaw was not just in one musical….but 3!  And guess what?  I had a pretty good time in them as well.  While the stage is quite serious, the backstage area … Continue reading

She’s Having A Baby! (2013) – Short Film Review

She's Having A Baby (2013)

Obsession with having a baby has taken a whole new twist in this short film directed by Chris and Robert Smellin. We find Jenny (actress Wendy Bos) will take extreme measures to find the perfect man to procreate with. In all honesty, I found this short film to be boring. … Continue reading

PROXY – What You Cannot Bring Yourself To Do

Proxy (2013)

Most women when expecting the birth of their first child are overjoyed unable to contain the inner glow that comes with pregnancy. In the case of Esther Woodhouse (actress Alexa Rasmussen) she shows absolutely no emotion and clearly has a story attached to the life growing inside her. In the … Continue reading

SANTA – Scariest Santa Claus Ever?

Santa (short)

It’s #ShortMovieMonday here at ScareTissue and we’re back with yet another scary short for your viewing pleasure.  Today’s entry is called simply SANTA. SPOILER ALERT: This review WILL talk openly about the plot of this short film (which will be shown in its entirety below). If you’ve not watched it … Continue reading

Sonno Profondo / Deep Sleep Gets US Distribution

Sonno Profondo - Deep Sleep

Wanted to pass along this note we received about a new film coming to US & Canadian distribution channels. “After murdering a woman, a killer that is traumatized from his childhood memories, gets a mysterious envelope slipped under his door. The hunter becomes the prey when he finds out that … Continue reading

Gilgamesh Wraps Principal Photography


We received the following press release today and wanted to pass it along to our ScareTissue faithful.  As you know, we love indie film so we’re happy to do so! INDIE MOVIEMAKER RICHARD CHANDLER WRAPS UP PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR “GILGAMESH” Boston, Massachusetts – April 15, 2014 – Indie filmmaker Richard … Continue reading

Oculus: You See What It Wants You To See

Oculus (2014)

A beautiful hand carved antique mirror hanging in your newly purchased home office would seem like the perfect addition for Alan Russell (actor Rory Cochrane) who just started a new company, who’s married to a gorgeous wife named Marie (actress Katee Sackhoff) and has two energetic children played by (actress … Continue reading

Evil Dead The Musical 4D: Because 3D Is For Pussies!


It’s been a little over 8 hours now since I had the privilege of watching Evil Dead the Musical Ultimate 4D Experience at the V Theater (Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas), and I am still geeked up. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been such a huge fan of the original trilogy. Maybe … Continue reading

KRUEGER: The Slasher From Elm Street – They Went There

Krueger - The Slasher from Elm Street (2014)

We return to Springwood today for another #ShortMovieMonday!  Director Chris R. Notarile has released the 4th installment in his KRUEGER series known as Krueger: The Slasher From Elm Street.  Previous entries in the series include Krueger: A Tale From Elm Street, Krueger: Another Tale From Elm Street and Krueger: A Walk Through Elm Street. … Continue reading