March 20, 2023

10 Cloverfield Lane is Bad Robot’s Secret Movie

In 2007, I took my nephew to see Transformers on opening weekend.  I was blasted with a trailer for a new movie coming out that didn’t even have the movie’s title in the trailer!  We later found out that movie was Cloverfield.  It not only captured my imagination, but it captured the imagination of the entire horror community for a few months.  Using viral marketing sites (such as and the infamous, fans were compelled to piece together a story to fit what little we knew of it.

Just watch for yourself:

Cloverfield (2008)While it was rumored that the film was a cthulhu movie, a Voltron movie, or even a Godzilla movie….it turned out to be none of those.  It was a different monster.

Reviews were mixed for the film.  Some fans were excited that the characters ran around New York unwittingly without getting answers about the thing.  Others were mad for this same reason and were even angrier when they realized that the viral marketing contained the official story of it.  Of course, there were those that complained about the found footage style.

Despite these complaints, the film found a cult audience.  It’s made my top 10 list.  The call for a sequel has had its ebbs and flows but, last night, a new trailer was leaked online for the secretly shot film:

Officially, the movie is said to be a “blood relative”.  But time will tell, right?

What do you think?

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