December 1, 2023

2014 Upcoming Horror Movies

Scare Tissue

As we draw towards another year, looks forward to another great year of horror.

There are quite a few horror franchises adding films next year including Paranormal Activity (which will add 2 new installments in 2014) and The Purge.  Vampire Academy hopes to fill the void left by Twilight‘s conclusion.  I expect A Haunted House 2 to be a mesh of jokes and nothing more (which isn’t bad, I just don’t consider it a franchise for horror purposes).  Troma pops out another film that looks like it came out 30 years ago, and the Human Centipede adds its final sequence in the fall.  And, of course, we have Godzilla hoping to smash them all.

There’s some really good original films as well, and most seem to be centered on story (not franchise-ability).  Knights of Badassdom looks to be a cult hit, while Nurse 3D, Cooties, and Fear Clinic have me really pumped for 2014.

Here is an initial look at the films coming out in 2014 (If we missed any, contact us and we’ll update this list.)  We’ve linked to every film’s IMDB for tracking purposes, so just click the link to find any updates:

(ST UPDATE:  This article was originally posted in January of 2014.  This list has been updated on May 12, 2014 HERE and includes films like All Cheerleaders Die, Easter Sunday, etc.  That list disregards the January-April months and focuses on the May through October period now that we have a much clearer picture.)

January – Devil’s Due, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, I, Frankenstein, Knights of BadassdomOpen GraveDead Snow: Red vs Dead

KOB looks to be like the early winner here, but January seems to be a fairly strong month overall.  I’m not expecting much from PA, and I want to like I, Frankenstein (but doubt it makes any waves).  January’s winner came down to preference:  I love horror comedies.  Devil’s Due and Open Grave both look to be phenomenal, terrifying pieces.

February – Vampire Academy, Nurse 3D, Scorned, RepentanceHaunting of the InnocentSorority Party Massacre

Nurse 3D has all the buzz and looks to be the movie to see here.  VA is a teen flick, but the others look decent.  Strangely enough, the plot of Scorned seems the most interesting to me as it reminded me of the old USA movie Buried Alive (Count me in if we have a homemade maze of death.

March – A Haunted House 2, Haunter, Cheap Thrills, Journey to the West: Conquering the DemonsSeventy NineDead Sea

I dare you to watch the trailer for Journey (From IMDB) and not get excited.  Technically, this movie was released in 2013 (but doesn’t get an official release in the US until March) so I can’t declare this one winner.  But rumors are swirling on a sequel and I wonder if it gets the good old American treatment next time around.  Cheap Thrills is the early winner here.

April – No Good Deed, The Quiet Ones, The Dead Sea, PerniciousDead.tvJinnOculus

Danielle Harris (Halloween series) goes to camp in (UPDATE 1/6/14-DEAD.TV HAS BEEN RENAMED TO CAMP DREAD).  Corey Haim battles zombies in the ocean in The Dead Sea (not to be confused with the film by (almost) the same name in March).  Pernicious looks to be the best choice here.

May – Godzilla, The FarmReturn to Nuke ’em HighThe Scribbler

Godzilla is the movie here, but I guarantee I will be front row center for Troma’s Nuke ’em High (with a smile).  Danielle Harris makes another appearance in May on  The Farm.  I know nothing about The Scribbler except that it may have the hottest female cast ever assembled.

June – Purge 2

Not much on tap for June 2014.  I didn’t see the first Purge, so I’m ignorant here.  Anybody else?

July – The WindowBeware the NightMuck

Olivia Munn and Joel McHale star in Beware the Night (Beware is a crime thriller about a cult and some demons).  Muck looks pretty awesome (Kane Hodder).

August – JessabelleThe Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose

A young woman recuperating at her father’s run-down home after a tragic accident soon encounters a terrifying presence with a connection to her long-deceased mother.


This absurd tale follows an apathetic man-child, Ron, on a journey to restore the spirit of his catatonic mother. Meeting friends along the way, this ridiculous, drug-filled musical expedition uncovers not only the secrets behind his mother’s current state, but a mystery surrounding the purpose of the Universe. Ron must use this knowledge to not only save his mother, but also help his new space-nun friends and defeat the ultimate cause of his consternation: Dr. Beau Nerjoose. Also, Ron has a talking alien worm living in his butthole.

This was a close one.

September – Resident Evil 6The Green Inferno

Eli Roth returns in September with The Green Inferno.  Shot on location in Africa, he approached natives with a copy of the film Cannibal Holocaust.  

October – Dracula Untold,  Paranormal Activity 5, CootiesPoltergeist[REC] 4

Elijiah Wood is a teacher at an elementary school during the zombie apocolypse in Cooties.  Remember the old internet meme “How many 5 year olds would it take to take you down?”  I’m guessing that will come back after this movie.  This movie looks fun.  (I’m REALLY hoping that Poltergeist surprises me and is quite good.  REALLY hoping.) 

No official announcement:  Fear Clinic, Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence, TuskPenance LaneAlice D.See No Evil 2

Robert Englund’s Fear Clinic is the choice here over Kevin Smith’s Tusk and the thrilling conclusion to the Centipede series. is assembling a one-stop list of upcoming horror movies (Hollywood, Independent, etc.) for 2014.  If a film has been omitted on the 2014 Horror preview list, please contact us HERE.  


I love horror movies, and I have since I was young. My favorite genre is the zombie genre, but it has completely been overdone in the last few years. I'm not a big fan of the horror movie formula, and I love it when a director turns it on its head. Please follow me on twitter (@_trapjaw_) and like me on facebook (scaretissuetrapjaw) for updates and to be immediately informed of new posts/projects.

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[…] 2014 Upcoming Horror Movies – ScareTissue … – previews 2014′s upcoming horror movies which include 2 Paranormal Activity movies, Nurse 3D, Godzilla, Poltergeist, Cooties, and Fear Clinic…. […]


[…] 2014 Upcoming Horror Movies – ScareTissue … – previews 2014′s upcoming horror movies which include 2 Paranormal Activity movies, Nurse 3D, Godzilla, Poltergeist, Cooties, and Fear Clinic…. […]


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[…] 2014 Upcoming Horror Movies […]

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