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Friday, March 7th, 2014


Grand Piano Clip – Out Now

Eugenio Mira’s Grand Piano arrives in limited theatres today, and in honor of the occasion a new clip and promo banner have arrived. Watch as things get dead serious for Elijah Wood. Wood co-stars with John Cusack in the thriller Grand Piano, which is also currently available On Demand and on iTunes.

Horror And Porn Collide In Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard

If all of the women woke up tomorrow and stopped doing porn, there wouldn’t be any porn anymore! The world of pornography is full of victims, stories of drug abuse, rapes, and broken dreams.  There are quite a few people that make a lot of money on it though.  Whether you want are a fan or an opponent, anybody can see how difficult that life must be.  There are “fans” that may recognize you in real life.  Many doors in life may become welded shut once these films come toRead More