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Penny Dreadful – Resurrection (S01E03)

So, here we are in week three of Penny Dreadful, and I’m still kinda sorta lost. OK, I’m totally lost. No, not in the respect that I can’t follow along; more like we still have no clue where they’re going with this show and some of the characters. Note: There …

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Anchor Bay Presents Possession of Michael King This August

The Possession of Michael King

Our friends over at Anchor Bay asked us to pass along the following press release about The Possession of Michael King.  In the film, Michael King is a modern day Houdini.  His mission is to disprove all religions by opening himself to the darkest corners of their beliefs.  Unfortunately, something sticks …

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Penny Dreadful – Séance (S01E02)

I watched the premiere and the second episode back to back, and it was a lot to take in.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that Penny Dreadful seems to go for the shock. Things got even more crazy in “Séance,” and, in all honesty, I got even more lost. …

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Penny Dreadful – Night Work (S01E01)

When it comes to horror, I often think TV is overlooked. But the past few years have brought out some real contenders – Supernatural (which I reviewed here), Grimm (which I plan on reviewing), American Horror Story (I probably should review this), and Showtime’s latest foray into the horror genre …

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Gilgamesh Official Teaser Trailer Released


We received the following press release from GILGAMESH publicist Angel Connell recently and wanted to pass it along.  In addition to the press release, check out this SUPER creepy looking teaser trailer which I’ll embed below. Trailer and the poster art looks great! INDIE MOVIEMAKER RICHARD CHANDLER RELEASES “GILGAMESH” TEASER TRAILER Boston, …

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SX_Tape: Sexy or Scary?…Sexy!

SX_Tape (2013)

What can I say about SX_Tape? Well for starters the trailer was the best part! Once again the marketing department did a great job by tying this film to all the great horror movies of the past. They also did what should have been a bloody red flag for me…a …

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Lovecraft Is All You Need in Turkish Horror Baskin

Variety reports out of Canes that Barcelona genre producer M’s Entertainment (Asmodexia) has set its second feature, the hype low-budget Baskin, a full length feature for the 2013 short of the same name. “Baskin’s plot revolves around four cops responding to a routine call and discover a Lovecraftian cult whose …

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