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The Babadook Does Not Disappoint. Best Horror Film of 2014.

The Babadook

What’s the best horror movie you’ve seen in recent times? Whenever I tell anybody about the site, that’s the first question that the person asks.  It’s a loaded question however.  Answer too mainstream and you’re written off as “novice”.  Answer too obscure and you’re met with a glazed expression and …

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Trick or Treat? Robert Englund Announces Fear Clinic Open?

Fear Clinic (2014)

Did Robert Englund just tweet the opening day for Fear Clinic? When I first started writing for last year, I stumbled across the crowdfunding campaign for Fear Clinic.  Hell, I was immediately hooked by its hodge-podge of horror stars (spanning the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Friday the 13th series, …

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The Best Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

For most horror fans, Halloween is our Christmas.  Suddenly, casual fans will want to talk horror films.  There is a plethora of horror to be found on television.  And, best yet, the Simpsons do their annual Halloween special entitled The Treehouse of Horror. The Simpsons debuted on as a short on …

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