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What Could Have Been: Horror Movie Scripts


It often amazes me how films get made.  An idea lives in its author’s head.  The author writes it down.  It gets reworked, edited, and sometimes doesn’t even resemble what it once was.  Did you know that the original Night of the Living Dead idea started as a film entitled Monster Flick and about aliens …

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Demon Weapons? Check Out The Atticus Institute 1/20/15

In the horror genre, you often don’t see the government trying to “weaponize” the supernatural.  In fact, the only films that really come to mind are Cabin in the Woods and Return of the Living Dead 3 (but zombie films usually do have this underlying theme below now that I think about it). …

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Willow Creek (2013) – Bobcat On Bigfoot

Willow Creek (2013)

It must be hard for some people to reconcile  ‘Bobcat Goldthwait the director’ with ‘Bobcat Goldthwait the comedian’. A man known to most of the world for his high-pitched, shrieking comedy hardly seemed like a good match for ‘serious indie director’. The thing is though, he makes it so bloody easy to …

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Robert Englund’s 976-Evil: 1980s At Its Best

Everybody “did it”.  Everybody smoked.  Constantly.  The kids did what they wanted to do when they wanted to.  Some of them dressed like the greasers their parents once were, and others just wore the brightest clothes they could find.  Both were cool, and they lived life fast and hard.  Damn.  The …

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Human Centipede Christmas Sweater, It’s the Shit!

Looking for a shitty christmas gift, for those people on your holiday gift list, that you don’t really like? Maybe you’d rather eat shit than another damn fruitcake? Show your Christmas spirit with this awesome, limited edition Human Centipede Christmas sweater?! Click the image to see it in all of it’s full-of-crap …

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The Babadook Pop Up Book Available For Preorder!

Join Mister Babadook in his evil plans for world domination by helping him get his very own pop up book published, and score yourself a copy in the process! The Babadook was the breakout horror hit of Sundance 2014, and has been terrorising audiences around the world ever since. This creepy, …

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