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Goodbye, Wes. I’ll Remember You In My Dreams.

Wes Craven

Hi. I never knew Wes Craven personally but he’s been with me since I was a child.  Now, unlike most horror fans, Nightmare on Elm Street was not the first movie I saw by Wes Craven.  That honor belongs to Swamp Thing.  Like most kids in the 80s, I grew up on HBO …

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David Paltro Is ‘In The Dark’ In New Horror Feature

In The Dark

Independently produced horror film In the Dark is a collaboration between Seven Oaks Films, Intimation Productions, and award winning writer-director David Spaltro (…Around, Things I Don’t Understand).  Starring Grace Folsom, Lynn Justinger, Fiona Horrigan, Catherine Cobb Ryan, and Kayla Leasure. Executive Produced by Sital Sal Jain  Produced by Jesse R. Tendler …

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First Trailer For ‘Francesca’ – World Premier At Sitges

Francesca Tri

Producer Nicolás Onetti reached out to us to pass along the first trailer for his newest film Francesca. In addition to this film, Onetti is the producer Sonno Profondo / Deep Sleep. Francesca First Official Trailer Onetti Brothers Giallo Film To Premiere at SITGES Film Festival Francesca will make its world premiere at the …

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Favorite Horror Films From 1984

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Back again today with another in my “best of” series. Today’s list comes from the year 1984. You can check out previous lists below: Top 5 Horror Films From 1983 Top 5 Horror Films From 1982 Top 5 Horror Films From 1981 Top 5 Horror Films From 1980 As I …

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I Lived – Creative Marketing Is Genius


When marketing a horror movie, it never hurts to be creative.  Take, for example, Cloverfield.  The trailer for Cloverfield was first shown before 2007’s Transformers without hitting any horror fans’ radars prior to its showing.  It didn’t even show the title of the movie.  It merely flashed “1-18-08” at the end.  Once you googled …

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Los Muertos Haunts It’s Way To Crowd Funding

Los Muertos (2016)

Los Muertos – On the Day of the Dead, a young woman and her friends are hunted by the dark souls of Purgatory. Whittier, CA, New director Alfonso Flores brings us the creepy supernatural horror film LOS MUERTOS Los Muertos is an American independent horror film laced with the legend, myths …

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Everlasting (2015) – Fallen Angel Comes To Life

Everlasting - Poster

Last week we ran a piece here on the site about the new trailer for Anthony Stabley’s Everlasting starring Valentina de Angelis (The Midnight Game), Adam David (The Stranger in Us) and featuring SAG Award Winner Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills), Robert LaSardo (The Human Centipede III), Bai …

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Let’s Talk About The Sleepaway Camp Series…

Sleepaway Camp

An often overlooked (but highly entertaining) horror series is the Sleepaway Camp movies.  The films feature one of the greatest twists in a horror movie ever, a really good sequel, and a couple ho-hum sequels.  However, the entire series is worth a look to see how good horror can be…and how bad. …

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Leaf Blower Massacre (2013)

Leaf Blower Massacre (2013)

The tagline for Anthoy Cooney’s Leaf Blower Massacre is, “When autumn arrives, no one survives.” That’s a super clever tagline. Sadly the film doesn’t quite live up to it but that’s not to say it’s a bad film. You may remember Cooney’s name from my recent review of The Dirty …

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Free Screening Of ‘Sinister’ – Thursday, August 20th

Sinister Poster

Announcing The First Ever Movie Screening At The Fear Experience FREE Screening Of Sinister On Thursday, August, 20th 2015 Leading up to the highly anticipated opening of Sinister 2, the original Sinister will be featured as the first movie screening at The Fear Experience Haunted House in Cleveland, Ohio! The Fear …

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