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Scarred (2013) – Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

Scarred (2013)

There are certain things that a good slasher flick has to have. That list includes things like great looking gore, great looking girls, a menacing killer and lots and lots of blood. I’m thrilled to say that Scarred written and directed by Eddie Lengyel has them all. According to the official Scarred …

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The Walking Dead – JSS (S06E02)

“Ok, what the hell does that mean?” I asked The Husband, who does not always appreciate my (very) witty commentary. But after seeing Enid, played by Katelyn Nacon with a quiet intensity, write those three letters (JSS) for the fourth time, I just wanted to know. And we finally got …

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The Walking Dead – First Time Again (S06E01)

Not only is AMC’s The Walking Dead back, but so am I! They keep knocking me down, and I keep crawling back. I’m not really sure who keeps knocking me down… I suppose just life in general. But just like our band of zombie killers, we can’t let chaos stop …

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Volumes Of Blood New Trailer & Exclusive Clip

Volumes of Blood Poster

Volumes of Blood is a horror anthology that weaves together five tales of dread directed by five independent horror directors. It was written by P.J. Starks, Todd Martin and Nathan Thomas Milliner. You can check out my original review of the film here and check out my conversations with actor Grant Niezgodski and …

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Matthew Brown’s Julia is Brutally Tough

Julia (2015)

In 1978, a strange little revenge film hit the theaters called Day of the Woman.  After a limited theatrical release that made small waves with audiences, it was re-released in 1980 under the name I Spit on your Grave.  In the film, a woman is brutally gang raped while on …

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Killer Rack is Wildly Entertaining

Killer Rack

As night number one wrapped up at the Eerie Horror Festival, I was swept away in the nostalgia as I talked about horror movies of the past.  House of the Dead was just awful…but it’s DVD was available for cheap.  The Exorcist III is a greatly under-appreciated classic.  After a few …

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Now Available – The Exorcism of Molly Hartley

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley is directed by Steven R. Monroe and starring Devon Sawa (Final Desination) and Sarah Lind (Severed), is now available on Digital HD, meaning you can watch it via online retailers such as iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, etc. Furthermore, Twentieth Century Fox Home …

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‘The Town That Laughed’ – Indiegogo Last Day!

The Town That Laughed

The Town That Laughed is a gritty film that follows the Gunslinger and his journey through an old west town. He finds himself in the saloon having a few too many drinks from Ellen the barmaid. The Gunslinger encounters Hugo on his way out and they don’t exactly see eye to …

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Other Halves To Play At Another Hole in the Head

Other Halves

Other Halves to play in home town of San Francisco at Another Hole in the Head, and close out horror/sci-fi festival ZedFest San Francisco – 10/13/15 – ZedFest has just announced that Other Halves, the horror film about the last dating app you’ll ever use, will be the closing film …

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