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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017


Sometimes The Book Is Better

TheWeevilReads: Pet Sematary

Sometimes the book is better. . . Every summer I try to read books that go together. Sometimes I go by series, author, theme, or just tackle two really big books. This summer I decided, it’s Stephen King. I have read many of his short story collections including Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Everything’s Eventual, and previous novels The Shining and Doctor Sleep. But when I got to thinking, I realized that there were so many of his novels I haven’t read. So I began with IT, due to all of the buzz around the new film comingRead More

The Houses October Built Sequel is Coming to Haunt You Soon!

The Houses October Built 2 is Coming Soon to Theaters and VOD! For many horror film fans, one of our favorite past-times occurs during the Halloween season when we are able to visit our local haunted attractions. In the film The Houses October Built we watch a group of friends try to discover the craziest “backwoods” haunt that they can find. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, as I watched with a friend who is a horror movie fanatic like myself. We began by watching the movie and saying, “This would be anRead More