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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019


Join the Occurrence at Mills Creek

Occurrence at Mills Creek Feature

Occurrence at Mills Creek is a terrifying tale in the vein of an already completed short film designed to be the opening act of a full feature Occurrence at Mills Creek is an independent feature film being shot in the greater Pittsburgh, PA region that features Betsy Lynn George, best known as Devon from the Billy Idol music video for Cradle of Love, and Lynda Marnoni, best known for her roles in the George Romero directed films Season of the Witch and The Crazies. Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Don Swanson,Read More

Terrifier and Book of Monsters – Limited Edition VHS

Terrifier and Book of Monsters VHS Promo

Terrifier and Book of Monsters Join Broke Horror Fan’s Limited Edition VHS Line Available Now at presents Terrifier and Book of Monsters on limited edition, fully functional VHS! The latest contemporary horror films to join the retro VHS line are on sale now at Terrifier has two all-new VHS covers in black clamshell cases: the standard edition featuring art by Vasilis Zikos, with a first pressing of 150, and a variant featuring art by Steve McGinnis (Fangoria), limited to 50. The 2016 slasher cult classic includes a letter from writer-directorRead More