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Friday, June 28th, 2019


Zombie Bingo: A Short Student Comedy-Horror Film

Zombie Bingo

If you are a real fan of playing bingo, then you will love anything that includes the game like movies. Numerous films have scenes where characters play the game and enjoy it. This alone can lure many people to play bingo and love it especially now that it is available online. Zombie Bingo, is directed by Aphra de Lotbiniere, producer is Elifcan Yazgun. They are both film students of the University of Arts in London. Zombie Bingo is an entire short comedy-horror film that is dedicated to the game. If youRead More

Watching Horror Movies Can Help Burn Calories

The Exorcist Still

Recent studies show that people who watch long minutes of thrilling terror entertainment can burn calories by doing this. It is similar to the number of calories burned during a 30-minute walk. While they may be the scariest thing for you, watching horror movies is not a bad choice for your health. According to a study and research by the University of Westminster, it was discovered that watching scary films helps in losing weight. The university discovered that a scary movie of about 90 minutes was capable of burning upRead More