December 2, 2023

7th Annual Scumdance Film Festival Sept 29 and 30 in San Francisco

The 7th annual SCUMDANCE Film Festival is coming to The Lost Church in San Francisco on September 29th and 30th, 2023.

Scumdance Film Festival

This year’s festival features For What The Door Bell Tolls, Kim’s Video, Microdosing, The Herp, Girl Talk!, Waka Chicka Waka, Into The Shed, Annihilator, The Triangle Lady, Now Is Not The Time,, Fax Repair and You, Leave No Trace, Ten Commandments of Banquet Serving, Motomarine, Lete, To Moher, Real Cool Time, … And Blood! and more!

The SCUMDANCE Film Festival is an underground festival

Featuring horror, comedy, punk/metal and weirdo cinema from around the globe. Originally founded in Reno, NV, this is the first time the festival has been held in California!

Champions ​mutants, misfits & maniacs. JOIN US!!!

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