February 26, 2024

ACORN and CREATE OR DIE Arrive In January From Bayview Entertainment

ACORN written and directed by David Axe and starring Caylin Sams and Morgan Shaley Renew is coming to VOD and Blu-ray on January 30, 2024 from Bayview Entertainment. Music by Tyler Matthews.

A dying filmmaker makes one last movie. It goes badly. Oh, and there’s a man-eating tree.

ACORN won the jury prize at the 2023 South Carolina Underground Film Festival.

ACORN may be your kind of strange.” – Voices from the Balcony

In CREATE OR DIE, directed by Sarah Massey, ambitious filmmakers travel to the backwoods of Georgia to shoot their passion project. When disaster strikes, they question how far they will go for their dreams.

“More than just your typical making-of feature.” – (Re)search My Trash

Acorn – Official Teaser

Create or Die – Official Trailer

For more information visit BAYVIEW ENTERTAINMENT’s Website: https://www.bayviewentertainment.com/

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