May 26, 2024

Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! – Official Trailer

Black Fawn Distribution Releases Trailer for ASTONISHING TALES OF TERROR: ROCKTAPUSSY! – Wrap Your Tentacles Around the Limited-Edition Blu-ray this September

Astonishing Tales Of Terror - Poster

Following their acquisition of the new genre flick Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy!, Black Fawn Distribution has unveiled the never-before-seen trailer for the film. The horror-adventure-comedy is set to be released on limited-edition Blu-ray on September 27, 2022 with a VOD release to follow.

The limited-edition Blu-ray of Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! will include a VHS retro-designed slipcase, reversible cover art, and three collectible mini-lobby cards featuring artwork inspired by the film. Special features on the disc will include audio commentary with the cast and crew and an in-depth behind-the-scenes featurette.

The cast of the film – including star/producer Brigitte Kingsley and director Andrew Cymek – will also be attending this weekend’s Fan Expo event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Joining Kingsley and Cymek as part of Black Fawn Distribution’s exclusive lineup of guests will be cast members Landy Cannon, Alys Crocker, Troy Blundell, and Winny Clarke. Fans will be able to meet the cast at the Black Fawn Distribution booth or attend the “Monsters & Movie Making” panel where the filmmakers will be diving into the making of Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy!

In addition to Black Fawn Distribution’s involvement with the project, Nicely Entertainment will oversee the film’s VOD release in the United States as they expand into the genre film space.

Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! is a plucky, provocative, action-horror hybrid that combines the classic fun of a tomb raiding adventure with the cosmic horror of a creature feature. Brigitte Kingsley (Dark Rising) stars as an intrepid reporter with a take-no-guff attitude, whose pursuit of the truth only leads her to trouble. In the tradition of rowdy adventure comedies and campy grindhouse horror, Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! is directed by Andrew Cymek (Night Cries) and produced by the husband-and-wife team of Kingsley and Cymek.

Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! Synopsis

Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! follows a group of everyday heroes after they unwittingly awaken an ancient monster. When intrepid reporter Hunter Hazelton (Brigitte Kingsley) bumps into down-on-his-luck miner Carey Barnes (Landy Cannon), the duo join a rag-tag bunch of survivors as they attempt to fend off mind-controlled zombies, possessed medieval knights, and a gigantic demonic demigod: The Rocktapus! Starring Brigitte Kingsley (Dark Rising) and directed by Andrew Cymek (Medium Raw, Night Cries), Astonishing Tales of Terror proves that there’s always time for one last great adventure!

Cast and Crew

Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! stars Brigitte Kingsley (Dark Rising), Landy Cannon (Dark Rising), Sara Mitich (Star Trek: Discovery), Patrick Kwok-Choon (Star Trek: Discovery), Troy Blundell (Killjoys), Art Hindle (Black Christmas), David Calderisi (Earth: Final Conflict), Winny Clarke (The Door), and Alys Crocker (The Door). The film was directed by Andrew Cymek (Medium Raw, Night Cries) and produced by Brigitte Kingsley (Dark Rising) and Cymek through their production company Good Soldier Films.

About Black Fawn Distribution
Black Fawn Distribution continues to be responsible for the release of quality horror films across Canada including Vicious Fun, I’ll Take Your Dead, Harpoon, The Ranger, and Bite. The company’s promotional team is driven by a passion to release physical product for the enjoyment of both horror fans and film collectors while also focusing on alternative platforms for digital delivery. Black Fawn Distribution: For Filmmakers. By Filmmakers.


About Good Soldier Films
Good Soldier Films is a Canadian production company owned by husband-and-wife team Andrew Cymek and Brigitte Kingsley. Together they have produced over 25 films in a multitude of genres. Their films have been sold worldwide.

About Nicely Entertainment
Nicely Entertainment is a production and distribution company founded in 2020 amidst the COVID pandemic. Helmed by Vanessa Shapiro, Nicely brings more than fifteen new movies to global audiences and markets around the world each year. Since 2020, the company has teamed with global production companies on numerous projects including This Little Love of Mine, which premiered on Netflix Worldwide in July 2021, along with another ten titles that premiered on Lifetime. The company is currently in development and co-production on half a dozen new television series set in Canada, Australia, USA, and Spain.


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