May 26, 2024

Siesta Key Slasher Starring Scream Princess Avaryana Rose

Showtown American Pictures in association with Babes Against Bullying to film SIESTA KEY SLASHER starring Avaryana Rose this winter in Tampa Florida.

Siesta Key Slasher

This tale of Pirates and Murder centers on popular social media personalities who attend a world-famous seafaring festival in Central Florida. After being invited to a VIP only party on a private beach for fun and drinks the young guests begin to disappear. The group discovers a killer is on the loose. A killer with a hook and a score to settle.

Siesta Key Slasher Coming Soon!

The movie will be filming at exotic locations on and around the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone interested in casting or getting involved should follow @ShowtownAmericanPictures on Facebook and Instagram for details. Or join the mailing list at

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