June 18, 2024

Black Fawn Distribution Acquires ‘Peppergrass’ For 2022 Release

Peppergrass - Poster (Festival Version With Credits - Web)Black Fawn Distribution Digs Up First Look and Trailer for Truffle Hunting Thriller, Peppergrass – Release Slated for Early 2022

TORONTO, CANADA (November 8, 2021) – Black Fawn Distribution is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Peppergrass following the film’s recent world premiere at Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The film is slated for release in early 2022 with Black Fawn Distribution handling Canadian distribution rights. A new trailer, poster (designed by Geneva Haley), and a selection of stills have just been released as the first full look at the suspenseful thriller.

In Peppergrass, a pregnant restaurateur plans to steal a priceless truffle from a reclusive veteran. Set during the pandemic, Peppergrass is a snow-streaked Northern Gothic heist set against a stark unforgiving landscape. With striking cinematography and a dark sensibility, the film captures a rough rural tone that enhances the danger of isolation and the pressure of high stakes.

Peppergrass stars Chantelle Han, Charles Boyland, Michael Copeman, Philip Williams and Craig Porritt. Han also serves on the directing team with the film’s writer, Steven Garbas. The film recently had its world premiere at this year’s Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio where the film took home the award for Best Overall Feature with Chantelle Han picking up the trophy for Best Lead Performance. Peppergrass will have its Canadian Premiere later this month on November 19th at Toronto’s Blood In The Snow Film Festival.

“For a month, in the cold, in a lockdown, in a forest without a road, in a motel without cleaning services, night shoot after night shoot after night shoot – we managed to shoot this film,” states co-director/writer Steven Garbas. “By the end, we were just like the characters in the film: hungry, filthy, and isolated. We loved the story though and we’re so glad that the effort ended up on the screen.”

“We went with Black Fawn Distribution because they’re not only passionate about films with blood, but also films that feature a strong narrative focus,” explains star and co-director Chantelle Han. “The real challenge of filmmaking is risking everything to make something you love and then never having it find the right audience. We went with Black Fawn Distribution to ensure that doesn’t happen to our story.”

Peppergrass is a wonderfully shot film that underlines the power of independent cinema,” states Black Fawn Distribution’s Sales Manager CF Benner. “We knew this was a project that we wanted to get involved with as soon as we sat down and heard the passion that came from the filmmaking team. With the odds stacked against them, they went out into the wilderness and crafted a really sharp piece of storytelling – and those are the types of films that we want to be a part of.”

Set for release in early 2022, more information and the film’s North American release dates will be announced over the next few months via Black Fawn Distribution and the film’s official website.


During a pandemic, a pregnant restaurateur plots to rob a priceless truffle from a reclusive veteran.

Cast and Crew

Peppergrass stars Chantelle Han, Charles Boyland, Michael Copeman, Philip Williams and Craig Porritt. Grant Cooper, Steven Garbas and Chantelle Han act as producers for the film, which was written by Garbas and Philip Irwin, and directed by Garbas and Han. Cinematography was provided by Grant Cooper.

About Film Company

BLS is a Canadian production company based in Toronto, focused on story-driven thrillers, drama, and horror features.

About Black Fawn Distribution

Black Fawn Distribution continues to be responsible for the release of quality horror films across Canada including The Oak Room, I’ll Take Your Dead, Harpoon, The Ranger, The Heretics, Bite, and In the House of Flies. The company’s promotional team is driven by a passion to release physical product for the enjoyment of both horror fans and film collectors while also focusing on alternative platforms for digital delivery. Black Fawn Distribution: For Filmmakers. By Filmmakers.


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