November 28, 2023

Brand New Friday The 13th In 2015

Friday The 13th (1980)Black Friday came early this year as we were all treated to the announcement of a new Friday the 13th installment on 3/13/15.   That is the single piece of information we know for sure about the upcoming movie.  There’s many rumors swirling about it, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

As the series has multiple stopping points when this film can take place, which direction will the film go?  Which direction does the franchise’s fans want it to go?

The most logical conclusion is that the film will pick up right after the 2009 version.  That version re imagined parts 1, 2, and 3.   There were many good things about the film, but Jason as a kidnapper didn’t work.  Jason was also portrayed so that the audience could show sympathy towards him.  I liked the traps, and I liked “fast” Jason.  I would love to see this fleshed out, but I don’t need the series to introduce Tommy Jarvis, fight “Carrie”, send Jason to New York, and become a demon heart.  I doubt the writers would go this route (well…maybe the Tommy Jarvis thing), but who knows?  If it does pick up here, I expect a retelling of part 4 with Jarvis beheading Jason and more of a focus on the bullying aspect.

Another option would be to start the film after Freddy vs. Jason.  Jason comes out of the Crystal Lake carrying Freddy’s head to close out that film, and we know he has a little time to kill before the events of Jason X (Jason is captured in 2008 and FVJ was 2002.).   Jason was just awesome in this movie.  He was portrayed as a “big, stupid dog who can’t stop eating…even though [his] master says [he’s] had enough!!!”.  He spends the first part of the movie terrorizing the kids of Springwood on Freddy’s behalf, and the other half facing Freddy.  His kills are great (bed kill is my favorite Jason kill ever), and it fits in nicely to the rest of the series.  The script for this one writes itself.  Put some kids at the lake (or perhaps in those new condos being built) and let Jason loose.

Jason falls to Earth 2 at the end of Jason X.  Could Earth 2 be his new “home” as Uber Jason?  Jason X was not received well.  The acting and effects were very hit or miss, and Jason in space just didn’t feel right.  It wasn’t until he got trapped in the holograms that it felt normal.  He did beat a girl with a another girl in a sleeping bag here, so it’s not all bad (Right?).  This script could be very creative, or it could be very horrible.  The fact that we are talking 450 plus years in the future means that there could be fun with technology, but that faltered here.  Perhaps placing Jason in the woods will right this ship.

Of course, the film could take a whole new direction.  The rumors are that this one could possibly be a found footage movie.  This is going to be quite difficult as the usual Why are you still filming questions will arise.  My thoughts?  Imagine a military team like in Jason X (all wearing head mounted cameras).  They are attempting to capture Jason, and he is picking them off one by one.  I don’t like it, and I don’t see any way this fits into the series (or even feels like F13 film).  There’s other rumors that this is another reboot to the series.

As a fan, I would love a continuation from Freddy Vs Jason.  These re imaginings are fun, but the series is what we love.  Don’t mess that up.  Don’t cast a bunch of boring teenage victims (Nightmare on Elm Street).  Don’t get lost in a weird fantasy/backstory thing (Halloween).  We’re not looking for you to shatter the mold.  We’re looking to be entertained by the characters we grew up with.  Fill the camp with kids.  Set Jason loose.  Come up with imaginative kills.

There’s just so many possibilities.  It is never explained why Jason goes to Hell is ignored (actually…I can think of some reasons.).  Somehow, he becomes a child at the end of 8 when he is exposed to toxic waste.  Yet, he is back alive and killing for JGTH or found “sleeping” by Crystal Lake in FVJ.  For some reason, he was buried in the lake at the end of 6 and 7, kills multiple people in the water, but develops a fear of water during FVJ?

No matter which direction the new film goes, I’m sure fans will show up (for a weekend or two at least) to see it.  I guarantee I will be.

(This video is not mine.  It is a good compilation though.)


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10 years ago

This is simply outstanding news. I’m shocked that it’s taken so long to get this project green lit especially since the 2009 version made nearly 100 million with a sub 20 million budget.

I LOVE the idea of picking right up where Freddy v Jason left off, though I don’t see how they’d go that route without bringing Robert Englund back into the fold. Don’t get me wrong… this is the way I’d love to see them go, but I don’t see it happening.

My second choice would be picking up after the 2009 version. As I said when I reviewed it, I think that was a GREAT horror flick… just not necessarily a great Friday The 13th flick it that makes any sense.

The idea of getting a return of Uber Jason is interesting. But while I really enjoyed Jason X I think that flick was so universally hated I don’t see then going that route.

I’ve heard the rumors of the found footage idea… not a huge fan of that idea or the found footage sub-genre in general, but what you’ve laid out would be a good way to go.

What I’m REALLY pumped about is the fact that this will be the 13th!!! entry into this franchise. Talk about the potential promotional ideas!

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