April 13, 2024

Campfire Stories Now live on Kickstarter

Campfire Stories CoverCampfire Stories is a 24 page comic anthology containing four tales of terror.

Having arrived early to Ruby Rivers Summer Camp, five camp counselors decide to tell the scariest stories and local legends they know. From monstrous creatures to conniving witches and the horrors of a dark forest. Campfire Stories spans 60 years with each story set in a different decade and told through a variety of horror styles.

The anthology is illustrated by Raquel Kusiak, Kevin Keane, Garry Mac and Sammy Ward, lettered by Zakk Saam, written by Asa Wheatley and wrapped in a fantastically atmospheric and spooky cover by Natasha Alterici.

Campfire Stories was born from my fascination and obsession with horror films, comics, and stories. This story in particular is one I’ve been dying to tell since I started writing comics”, said Wheatley.

“Each of the tales within the anthology represents a different part of the horror medium that I love, whether it’s a creature feature or a slow burn psychological horror there’s a bit of everything in Campfire Stories.”

Launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday October 1st the campaign is to fund the printing of the book with exclusive rewards and stretch goals only available via the campaign. Including prints by Alice Urbano, Dean Beattie and Zoe Thorogood.

Campfire Stories Creative Team

Writer – Asa Wheatley
Asa Wheatley is a writer whose work ranges from indie comics to prose to TTRPG supplements. He published the anthology Sprouting & Other Tales of the Curious in early 2019 and is currently writing the noir comics mini-series Tails of Mystery. More often than not his writing tends to lean towards horror, mystery and the unknown. He can be found loitering on twitter @AsaWheatley.

Artist – Raquel Kusiak
Raquel Kusiak is a Spanish artist living in Madrid. She has worked on Lens’s art for the anthology magazine Bun&Tea and in the future wants to focus on her own stories. She loves to draw Band-Aids. You can find her on twitter @RMentecaca.

Artist – Kevin Keane
Kevin Keane is a comic book artist and the co-creator of The Guards, Nazferatu & Neon Skies. Kevin is also a co-founder of Rogue Comics Ireland.

Kevin has provided artwork and design for gaming, film and television. He has delivered artwork for Universal Studios – Split, Ubisoft – Farcry 5 and Square Enix. Kevin has also worked as a storyboard artist on BBC/RTE TV Series, The Young Offenders. Follow him on twitter @KevinKeane24

Artist – Garry Mac
Garry Mac is a writer and illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland. Recent work includes Freak Out Squares with Harry French, The Sea of Paperwork with Maryhill Integration Network and ConFAB, a commision for queer times school with the Gallery of Modern Art, and a short film, ‘We Were Always Here,’ for BBC Scotland and LUX Scotland, which was co-directed with Michael Richardson. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Dundee on queer temporality. You can reach him on: gmmclaughlin@dundee.ac.uk

Artist – Sammy Ward
Sammy Ward is a freelance illustrator and independent comics creator who often likes to delve into the strange and spooky. You can find more of her work at sammywarddraws.com.

Letterer – Zakk Saam
Zakk Saam is a professional comic letterer from Detroit, Michigan whose credits include Star Trek / Green Lantern (IDW/DC), Vagrant Queen (Vault Comics), and Calamity Kate (Dark Horse Comics). When he’s not lettering, he can usually be found throwing dice at the D&D table or on the ice with the Motor City Mayhem adult hockey club, of which is is a founder and captain.

Cover Artist – Natasha Alterici
Natasha Alterici is a writer and artist living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, best know for the hit queer Viking fantasy Heathen. She’s also contributed her writing and art to projects such as Dinosaur Project, Gotham Academy: Yearbook, Grayson Annual, The Lez Film Review, Mixed Signals, Lovers and Other Strangers, Transcience, My Friend Death, The Wilds, Killswitch, Sera and The Royals Stars, The Good Fight, Vagrant Queen, and more. When not working on comics, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and playing video games with her wife and their two cats, Cheshire and Louise.

Below are a couple of preview pages as well as the cover for Campfire Stories.

For more information about Campfire Stories check out the following links:


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