February 26, 2024

CASA – Alberto Evangelio Horror Short Available Online

CASA,’ a social horror short film starring Marta Belenguer (‘Camera  Café‘), Paula García Sabio, Luis Flor, and Manu Valls, and directed by Alberto Evangelio (‘Visitante‘), is now available online.

CASA,’ winner of the Berlanga Award for Best Short Film from the  Valencian Academy of Audiovisual in 2019, has participated in numerous national and international festivals, including Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Spain), Mórbido International Film Festival (Mexico), China’s New Media Shorts (China), 38th Terror Molins (Spain), Nox Filmfest (Uruguay), Zaragoza International Film Festival (Spain), and FANT Bilbao (Spain). It has received the Best Short Film Award at Fantarifa (Spain), El Blog de Cine Español Award at Plasencia En Corto, as well as Best Short Film at “En ocasiones veo cortos” (Spain), Best International Short Film at Humans Fest (Spain), Best Actress Award at the Alicante Festival, Rincofest, and Vila de Onda.

The screenplay, co-written by Hugo Román and Evangelio himself, tells the story of Teresa (Marta Belenguer), the director of a bank-owned real estate agency, who intends to sell one of the many vacant apartments they own to a couple, unaware that the buyers have an unexpected connection to the property.

Produced by Beniwood with the support of IVC and À Punt, the short film is a blend of fantasy and social criticism, characteristic of director Alberto Evangelio. He has recently premiered his two latest short films, ‘Intercanvi‘ and ‘Los Cómplices,’ at the latest edition of the  Sitges Film Festival, and they are currently touring the genre festival circuit.

Casa – Cortometraje de Terror (Alberto Evangelio)

For additional information, please visit https://beniwood.com/


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