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Ticket For One, Please

Inbred (2011)

Jumping into this film blindly, I wasn’t sure of anything pass the title: INBRED. A 2011 British horror-comedy, INBRED is about a group of troubled kids and care workers traveling to Yorkshire for some community service in the village of Mortlake, only to have their weekend cut short by some …

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Walk With Me, Hand in Fin

Bog (1979)

Nothing screams horror like an extended mid-50s mouth-to-mouth love scene and a large, blurred mutated fish monster costume. BOG is a 1979 (I think?) sci-fi horror (maybe?) that is comparable to the long lost cousin, twice removed, mother’s honky-tonk backwoods broke version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. GASP! Starring …

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Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd’s the Word!

Killer Nerd & Bride of Killer Nerd Double Feature

Dear Troma: Even if you don’t have direct hand-on-reel contact, you manage to deliver us some of the best quality slop I’ve grown to love. Mixed into this ‘Slopping Pot’ is the 90s comedy-horror funks, Killer Nerd [1991] and Bride of Killer Nerd [1992], both written and directed by Mark …

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Digging Up The Marrow (2014)

Digging Up The Marrow Scream

TheWeevilDead watches Digging Up the Marrow, likes it, but falls asleep, is reminded of Superbad. What starts off strong, requires the digging up of my energy to finish the watch.   Director Adam Green (known for the Hatchet franchise) plays himself in this horror movie, in which Green films his …

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My Master Satan (2016) Review

My Master Satan

Last year I reviewed a short film called Satan’s Coming For You written an directed by Dakota Bailey. You can check out my full review (as well as the full film) here: ‘Satan’s Coming For You’ With… Silent Bob? In a nutshell I didn’t really care for it as it just wasn’t quite …

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Loving Maggie When Most Don’t


As great as The Walking Dead has been and aside from some comedy horrors of the 2000s, there hasn’t been much worthwhile in the world of the flesh-eating subgenre since Romero’s Dead and The Return of the Living Dead’s trilogies. The downfall with zombies is – there isn’t much more …

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I Dismember. Do You Dismember?

Was she afraid I was going to kill her? Yes? No? I can honestly tell you, I don’t dismember  remember much of anything about this flick. Keeping that in mind, I will do my best to not throw out too much spoilage if you haven’t seen this. Even though, there really …

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