August 16, 2022

Coming Soon – ‘A44’ a Vegan Thriller

A44 – Where do you get your protein?

A feature Film by Chris Cooney and Brooklyn Hudson

A44 Coming Soon

From the story’s theme, to its special effects, and even the set catering, A44 is the first of its kind – a fully vegan production.

Co-directors, producers, and writers of A44, Chris Cooney (The Vegan Zombie on Youtube) and Brooklyn Hudson (Award winning Director/Screenwriter), are long-term vegans with 20+ years of plant-based living – for the animals, for their health, and for the planet.

Brooklyn was a longtime viewer of Chris’ show, The Vegan Zombie, which has run for 9-years on Youtube. After hearing him speak of a script he had written years earlier, Brooklyn contacted Chris and asked if he would like to make his movie. Chris jumped on the chance, and A44 was born.

All crew members will be experiencing a vegan lifestyle (some for the first time) during the month of filming in Syracuse, N.Y.

Chef Ron of Creative Catering (The Clinton Campaign, The Rolling Stones), will be preparing gourmet meals for the set.

Makeup artist, George Schminky (Syfy’s Face Off), will be using vegan plant-based meats, to replicate internal organs and body parts, as well as vegan makeup products.

Representing A44 is Mark Litwak (Litwak & Associates), who represented the award-winning documentary, “Forks Over Knives”, in their highly successful distribution and marketing agreements.

A44 Synopsis

24-year-old Harley Landon lives in a small town where everybody knows each other. When a fast spreading stomach bug mysteriously strikes, violence ensues, and the town of Amherst begin to turn on one another, mutating into rabid killers.

Harley, a life-long vegan, appears unaffected by the plague and takes to the road in search of a cure, with his loyal companion, Indy, a German Shepherd, and Vanessa, the object of his affection.

After meeting Jerry, a savvy biochemist, he is led to Dr. Rachel Hamilton, who has developed a prototype vaccine — the only problem is, funding has been terminated, hindering her research of the virus.

With those close to him perishing, Harley will do anything to stop the spread of the disease and SURVIVE. In a harrowing fight, he is forced to decide between saving his own life and saving the life of his best-friend, Indy.

Now, Harley will never be the same.

The Team

  • Chris Cooney – Creator, Co-Director, Co-writer, Producer
  • Brooklyn Hudson – Co-Director, Co-Writer, Producer, Casting Director
  • Amanda Raymond – Producer
  • Rick Greenwood – Director of Photography, Producer
  • Katy Lopes – Line Producer, Unit Production Manager
  • George Schminky – Special Effects and Makeup Artist

Cast (Soon to be Announced)

  • Iconic actor from E.T.
  • Legendary star of Elf
  • Beloved villain from The Goonies
  • Screen legend from Platoon
  • And more!

Check out the film’s Kickstarter here:

Stay tuned for more details as they become available!


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