July 20, 2024

Conspiracy Child – Everyone Loves a Good Conspiracy!

So this press release and poster appeared in The MOnster’s in-box today. Mysterious much???

Conspiracy Child


Conspiracy Child : A psychological thriller that crosses the boundaries of horror, fantasy, sci-fi and more is slated to begin filming in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 30th.

The majority of the project will be filmed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, while utilizing all of the areas in between. With a budget of over $70 million, things look to heat up in the desert.

According to sources close to the project, “this is more than just another movie.” Apparently, this movie is being dubbed in nine languages and being distributed around the world for theatrical release.

Sources also say that they are working on a video game, comic books and more to accompany the two hour feature film. They also say that they will be working on a six hour mini-series and a second feature film of the same story early next summer.

“This isn’t like most movies Hollywood is putting out. It’s a totally new storyline that will make people question their beliefs, religions and the government.”

We don’t know what the future holds for Conspiracy Child, but from the sounds of it this is going to change the way movies are made.

Maria Olsen

Maria Olsen is a South African film producer and actress known for her many roles in horror films. These include Paranormal Activity 3, The Lords of Salem, Gore Orphanage, and Starry Eyes.

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Prof. RM Fleming
Prof. RM Fleming
5 years ago

This is one movie you’ll never forget! Purah

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