June 18, 2024

Dead Island 2 Comes to California!

We here at Who Goes There Podcast love Zombies, well, I love Zombies, Matt is known to completely shit on lots of zombie movies (Listen to the Podcasts with me in them and you’ll see!)

Dead Island 2

I am a huge fan of the bugged game Dead Island, so I was super excited, but a little confused when Techland announced Dead Island 2, to be launched around the same time frame as their other game that is almost the same thing Dying Light.

Two Zombie games, made by the same studio and pretty much the same game mechanics? Well, They both have Zombies, so I’m in 100%

Dead Island 2 Trailer

Techland is known for making great trailers for their Dead Island series, and this one is right up there. Not emotionally charged like the first two games, but this one is just as entertaining. It takes place on what looks like Venice Beach, with a superficial California personal trainer or some shit. Check it out and enjoy!

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