December 2, 2023

Death of the Dead Hits VOD on November 28th

Death of the Dead is a horror comedy from director Gary King and starring Christina Rose, Jack Abele, and William Lee coming to VOD platforms Vudu, Amazon Prime Video and Flix Fling on November 28th from Bayview Entertainment. Think Karate Kid meets 28 Days Later.

Death of the Dead

Death of the Dead Synopsis

Wanda, a mega-nerd with a lack of coordination, and her aging karate trainer with a perverted streak, are about to embark on the greatest challenge of their lives. When a bus from a rival karate school accidentally runs over a couple scientists dumping a toxic chemical down the sewer, the entire class is turned into high-flying, flesh-eating baddies! As they wreak havoc on the town turning others into zombie ninjas, Wanda and her instructor must save the planet with the help of a magic karate belt.

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