June 13, 2024

Delivery: The Beast Within… A Mother’s Reality

Delivery - The Beast Within (2013)I wasn’t sure if I was watching a film or a reality show from the TLC network. I found I was actually liking Kyle and Rachel rooting them on while they expected their first baby. Sympathizing with the pregnancies pains and worries that Rachel experienced and remembering the newlywed interactions between my husband and I while I watched the reality footage of the movie Delivery: The Beast Within.

Director Brian Netto and writer Adam Schindler really did an excellent job at presenting the film as a believable reality network program. This film is unique and not once did I find myself disappointed from start to finish. Laurel Vail who plays the character of Rachel is absolutely beautiful. I found at the beginning of the film I was relating to all her pregnancy emotions except for one. The one that no mother would ever want to have happen or even image could happen.

Delivery: The Beast Within takes us on a journey with hours of unseen footage that show a tangled creepy unseen presence that is within the walls of the Massy home. Moods change and love is tested. Choices are made and consequences unfold. The one question that still remains however… Could you sacrifice your child’s soul to save the lives of other’s?

You’ll either like this film or you won’t. I loved the originality of the film. The presentation of it and the wonder of “who’s lurking” around the corner. I also very much enjoyed the cast and the story itself. I say watch it.

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10 years ago

This sounds almost exactly like Devil’s Due https://www.scaretissue.com/devils-due-2014-fear-is-bored-er-born/ Did you ever see that one?

Amazing how many “pregnancy” horror movies are coming out now. Is this a new trend, or am I just now noticing it since we just had a baby?

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