January 30, 2023

Digging Up The Marrow (2014)

TheWeevilDead watches Digging Up the Marrow, likes it, but falls asleep, is reminded of Superbad.

What starts off strong, requires the digging up of my energy to finish the watch.


Digging Up The MarrowDirector Adam Green (known for the Hatchet franchise) plays himself in this horror movie, in which Green films his quest to find “real monsters.” William Dekker, played by Ray Wise, is a looney. That much is clear from the start.Then Dekker contacts Adam Green to tell him of his mission, which is finding, watching, and studying these “monsters.” Green is psyched, and starts off a quest to discover what lies in “the marrow” a.k.a, a messy hole in the ground.

We see some visuals, or better yet don’t see, what is being filmed in the woods. The lighting is poor, but that is part of the movie. At one point we get a flash of light from the camera and see an alien/monster, which makes me feel something along the lines as “oh.”digging-up-the-marrow-01

As the film progresses we watch Adam become obsessed with the truth, going to horror cons and telling his fellow directors of his new “documentary.” This is the part of the movie with Tom Holland, my favorite part.  I also decide that horror conventions are added to my list of things that look like “the most fun I have ever seen in my entire life (Superbad shoutout)”. Ah, I love Superbad.

Dekker eventually becomes more suss (suspicious). He listens to an awful, creepy record, which plays his favorite song, although he doesn’t know who sings it. He admits that some of the monsters are “hostile”….ya don’t say! Video footage shows Dekker hanging out at The Marrow, spoon-feeding whatever is in there, dramatically weeping, then leaving. the-marrow-09-578x297Adam Green decides to go to The Marrow himself, without Dekker, which is a big faux pas. Things get weird, Adam gets his leg grabbed. At this point, I get sleepy. As I am nodding off I see something with Dekker in a dirty cage, Adam being video-taped sleeping, which I can only assume is bad, as nothing good comes from being video-taped sleeping, unless we are dealing with an Andy Warhol “art” situation.marrow2

The thing about Digging Up The Marrow is that I really was enjoying it, but I think I lost interest when the monsters were shown. The mystique was gone. When Dekker shows the drawings of the creatures, they were unrealistic, and one even had the name Vance…what the what???

This is a movie I would watch again, but I’m going to need some coffee first.

Happy Haunts,

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