November 29, 2023

Director’s Cut Of Carrie (2013) To Be Released?

Carrie (2013)Wanted to pass along this note submitted by Jared. Thank you sir!

There’s a petition for a Carrie (2013) directors cut to be released. The version shown at test screenings had more gore and brutal violence, character development, five alternate endings, a White Commission, Carrie blowing up her town, and scenes from the book. Over 40 mins was cut. Bloody Disgusting reported on it and a few actors from the film acknowledged it.

The version shown in theaters was hated by many because it did nothing original but the original intention was to be closer to the book. Sadly, the studio cut out everything good and just made it a modernized scene for scene version of the 1976 flick. They took the director’s vision and promise to the fans and left over 30 minutes on the cutting room floor, not even to be put on the Blu-Ray as deleted scenes. It has over 10,600 signatures. Please sign it, share it, and please respond to this email. The studios are considering releasing this new cut of Carrie if there is enough demand.

For more info about this potential director’s cut, check out the following Facebook pages:

Are you interested in seeing a director’s cut of Carrie (2013)


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