December 3, 2023

Disco Diablo, New Horror Comedy Podcast Goes Into Pre-Production

Disco Diablo is a new horror comedy podcast series going into pre-production and directed by Greg Tally and Halle Capone. This will be a Collywood Studios and Damn Dirty Drive In Presentation, both based in Denver, Colorado. It is also the first of several podcast plays, film shorts and features Collywood is moving into pre-production.

Disco Diablo

Tally’s previous directing projects include a satire of ‘War of the Worlds,’ and the Western drama, ‘The Reckoning,’ and Capone directed the art house feature drama, “Misfits of the Profane,” as well as several episodes of the horror series, ‘Tales of the Wildermist.

About Disco Diablo

The series stars Jon A. Ravenholt as the devil, Hades Tarantella, Erik Rangel as his tri-state disco champion challenger, Gino Testosteroni, and Halle Capone as Gino’s former girlfriend, Tina Valentina, and David. A. Quinn as the dancing priest, Father Dante.

It’s a dance off with the devil. In the midst of the glittering 1970s disco era, a ragtag group of dancers known as the Dance Hall Dozen must infiltrate the nefarious nightclub, Disco Diablo, to thwart the plans of the diabolical owner and save their souls from eternal damnation.

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