March 2, 2024

Do’s and Don’ts of Slot Gaming

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The basic rule of thumb to partaking in any form of gambling is knowing when to stop.

No matter how good a player is at any kind of casino game they will at some point always invariably lose. However, there is a difference in losing what the player can afford and losing what the player cannot afford. Nevertheless, you can learn more at cozino about it.

The first level of loss, losing what the player can afford is looking at the experience for what it is; entertainment, perhaps an evening out with friends, perhaps the player has faced a small loss but has had a good time, perhaps they have even had a small win but it’s been fun and nothing else so it is easy to walk away.

Know when to stop the slot games

The second level of loss is to keep on going and going. This is the losing streak and for the more regular players it may be harder to stop. Even the player who sets a budget prior to playing will usually end up continuing and going over their budget once the losing streak hits in. Generally the thinking is that during the next round the player wont lose as much, however, there is no reasoning for this and the circle continues. Emotions following on from a spiral of loss can sometimes be shame, anger but sometimes the urge to carry on convinced that eventually their luck will turn and they will have a win. However, a win also encourages the player to continue thinking they are now on a winning streak and they can’t be beaten. A recommendation is to set a budget and for the player only to carry that amount with him so once he’s lost it all there is no more. Players should try leaving their cards at home so the temptation of going to get more money can’t be fixed. Likewise, players should leave their ID at home; most casinos won’t give out cash without ID to go with the bank card.

Casinos worldwide have a number of different ways in luring the player to not quit regardless of being on a losing streak or a winning streak. Casinos make sure they appear sophisticated and with a classy affluent feel so the average player may feel a little out of their depth but lulled into feeling at home. Oxygen is pumped around the casino to keep players awake and alert and generally there aren’t any clocks or windows so the player isn’t reminded of the time and continues to carry on betting. Complimentary food and drink is usually served, sometimes including alcohol, enticing the player into staying longer and the more a player drinks the more likely they are of continuing betting. Whether it is a game of blackjack, roulette or even slot machines they all end up with the same adrenaline fix and the same thrill to carry on playing.

So in summary players should set a budget and stop when it has ran out, stop trying to beat the system, generally it is the casino that win’s not the player and try and remain in control before it does all spiral out of the players hands.


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