October 1, 2022

Dylan Greenberg’s ‘Wakers’ Hits DVD & VOD

Wakers (2014)17 Year Old’s Independently Produced Art Horror film Wakers hits DVD & Prime

At 17 years old Dylan Greenberg directed and produced her own feature film, Wakers. The film was shot on location in New York City and includes appearances by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman as well as Blondie’s Matt Katz-Bohen. Howard Stern fans are also in for a treat as Steve Grillo makes a special appearance as the Chief of Police.

Since then Dylan has gone on to direct the much larger production Dark Prism, which was covered by Vice, Pitchfork, Fangoria, and many more.

Wakers is an art-horror-comedy film that is both a slasher film and a message about consumerism and corporate marketing. In the film, a father, (played by Katz-Bohen) reads his daughter a dark bedtime story about a girl (Blessing C.S.) who’s friends are being murdered by an unknown (and seemingly unstoppable) supernatural being. The adults around her are caught up in their obessions with buying useless items they do not need, creating and marketing a substance called Green Shit to the masses, and, in the case of Blessing’s demented therapist, (played by Kaufman), SEX!! The film can be interpreted both a surrealist nightmare and A Nightmare on Elm Street-esque massacre, just as much inspired by Troma and Wes Craven as it is inspired by the works of Ryan Trecartin and Guy Maddin.

The film features music from The Voluptous Horror of Karen Black as well as an original song by John S. Hall (of King Missile).

The film has now been released through Disck Media Group and can be purchased on DVD or Amazon Instant Video.

 Have you seen Wakers? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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