July 20, 2024

E-Bowla (2018) – Grab Your Balls We’re Going Bowling

EBOWLA PosterE-Bowla is a 2018 horror short film written and directed by Cindy Maples starring Will Chase, Leo Kempf, Rusty James and Paul Nicely. It’s ladies night at the local bowling alley and four long time friends decide that it’s the perfect place to enjoy their one night a year away from their wives. Unfortunately, the ladies and the pizza buffet have other ideas.

Director Cindy Maples has asked me to keep my review spoiler free so I’ll absolutely respect her wishes.

Plot, Thoughts & Recommendation

This horror short runs just over eight minutes and that includes the credits. The film itself is only about seven and a half minutes long and for the overwhelming majority of that time it’s just sort of a feel good guys night flick (even though it’s girls night at the bowling alley). Four friends are having their “once a year” night away from their wives and go to their local bowling alley to do shit that guys do: act like idiots. It’s vulgar. It’s funny. And it’s remarkable how true I could see the conversations and “locker room talk” between these four buddies being. I can only imagine that Cindy got some input from her husband Rusty James when it comes to the guy talk 😉

We’re most of the way through the film before the ‘horror’ kicks in but when it does it’s pretty outstanding. I won’t give anything away but when you get an opportunity to watch it do yourself a favor and do just that. The film itself is beautifully shot and directed and Maples does an outstanding job of making not only her human actors look great but also their setting. The bowling alley itself truly is a character here and it’s shown off in really impressive fashion. The sound quality here is top notch too which if you’ve ever been in a bowling alley you know how important sound would be when telling a story set amongst the pins. The folks at Echo Lanes in Henderson, Kentucky should be proud… their home came off great.

The film makes its World Premiere on Friday, April 27th where all the magic happened at Echo Lanes!

E-Bowla is Ready to Contaminate Echo Lanes

CARRIAGE HOUSE PRODUCTIONS and Director Cindy Maples will be bringing the World Premiere of E-Bowla to Echo Lanes in Henderson, KY. The premiere is set for Friday, April 27th with two different chances to see the short film that night. The film, which is just under 9 minutes in length will be played at 7:00 pm and then again at 8:30 pm. And for this one night only, members of the audience will see a special 30 minute behind the scenes making of E-Bowla video right before each viewing. Posters will also be available that evening and some of the stars of the film will be on hand for autographs.

E-Bowla, which started out as a joke between Maples and her husband Rusty James has turned into one of her favorite projects to date. The short comedy/horror film focuses on ladies night at the local bowling alley and four longtime friends who decide that it’s the perfect place to enjoy their one night a year away from their wives. Unfortunately, the ladies and the pizza buffet have other ideas.

The film has already been submitted to over 30 film festivals all over the world and thanks to internet film critics the news of E-Bowla is spreading.

Special thanks to Cindy for granting us access to her film!

For more info on E-Bowla and director Cindy Maples check her out at the following links.


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