February 26, 2024

Evil Dead The Musical 4D: Because 3D Is For Pussies!

Chris Weidman as Ash
Chris Weidman as Ash in the smash hit Evil Dead the Musical Ultimate 4D Experience in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Sirc Michaels Production.

It’s been a little over 8 hours now since I had the privilege of watching Evil Dead the Musical Ultimate 4D Experience at the V Theater (Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas), and I am still geeked up. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been such a huge fan of the original trilogy. Maybe it’s because I was a little let down the remake came across so serious. But I can say this with absolute certainty. You will not have as much fun at any other show than you will at this one. Sirc Michaels Productions has put together an amazing show with an equally talented cast that will leave you wanting to stand up on your seat and applaud when it’s all said and done.

The one thing Evil Dead 4D knows and caters to well is its fans. The entire production, from the interaction on its Facebook page to the personal vibe you get during the live performance, it’s an experience unlike no other. And generally when you go to a live show, it’s frowned upon if you yell out during the performance. But here, it’s encouraged. In fact, it adds to the overall vibe of the show, making it that much more enjoyable. Imagine Rocky Horror Picture Show, but substitute flying toast for splattering blood. And once it’s all over, it’s not over, because anyone who attends the show gets the opportunity to get his or her photo taken with Ash afterward and to shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?

Cast Shot Evil Dead 4D in Las Vegas
The first glimpse of evil during the first half of Evil Dead the Musical 4D in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Sirc Michaels Production.

Did I mention the Splatter Zone? Well, the name sort of speaks for itself, but if you’re one of the lucky fans who upgraded your seats, then you have the chance to get covered in copious amounts of fake blood. I’m not talking about residual from the show on the stage. I’m talking they literally spray it out into the audience intentionally with total disregard.

The show incorporates the story from Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and The Army of Darkness into a two-act performance. Although it’s a two-hour show with one intermission, the time flies by. But that’s mainly because the performances by the entire cast were so amazing. Each performer had the comedic chops to carry their respective role, but also the singing voice to command the stage like a Broadway production. The show also doesn’t take itself too seriously, continuously dropping cheesy puns, gratuitous sexual innuendos and making intentional jabs at the story line of the original movies. Needless to say, the laughs are constant and the applause are nonstop. Even the intermission is an interactive session with the audience sure to make you piss your pants with laughter. The night I went, a couple in the front row were getting married the next day. I won’t spoil it by saying what happened, because each is unique in and of itself. So, let’s just say the antics were aplenty.

Another cool feature is now Evil Dead 4D offers two different types of settings. On the night I went, it was the smaller theater which provides for a more intimate show. Even those sitting in the back can feel like they’re right there with the actors in the thick of things. These shows are available during the week. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, then you get the larger theater, and from what I’m told, the rowdier crowds. So it’s a matter of preference, but each venue offers a unique viewing experience.

I most certainly have to give a huge shout out to Director/Producer Sirc Michaels and Sirc Michaels Productions for their generosity and transparency revolving around the show. It’s much appreciated. I also had the good fortune of interviewing Sirc along with lead actor Chris Weidman (aka Strangling Jack Johnson) who plays Ash. Look for a transcript of those interviews soon.

The bottom line is that Evil Dead the Musical Ultimate 4D Experience is a must see the next time you’re in Las Vegas. Why? Because 3D is for pussies… you stupid bitch!

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