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Evil Nature – Proof Of Concept Proves To Be Great

Well, it isn’t Monday, but I’ve got a quick short I wanted to share so we’ll call this an honorary #ShortMovieMonday here on ScareTissue.

Evil Nature

Shot in a single evening, Evil Nature is a proof of concept that was created to demonstrate unique monster movement via practical effects and supporting digital VFX. It was directed by Darin Beckstead, has creature design by FX legend Todd Masters (Underworld, Slither, True Blood), has VFX provided by Walt Jones (Chronicles of Riddick) and was executive produced by Gilbert Adler (Constantine, Tales from the Crypt).

Theye were going for unique monster movement and they absolutely NAILED IT!  That pumpkin is bad ass!!! The sound it makes before it turns around is perfect and seeing it snarl with stuff dripping from its mouth is tremendous. THIS is the sort of stuff horror fans crave!

You can find updates on Evil Nature by following director Darin Beckstead on Twitter: @DarinBeckstead. As we get more information from the Evil Nature camp we’ll pass it along here!

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