February 26, 2024

Exclusive Look at Mike Ferguson In STAY OUT

Mike Ferguson is on double duty in the new BET original, STAY OUT! Mike plays Sam Stevenson, best friend to Rufus (Christopher Sky) who betrays him in this clip and the action’s are not without consequences. Mike also plays a homeless man, where he spent 3 hours a day in makeup chair.

BET+ Original Movie - Stay Out

Donovan Jones, a businessman who lives in California with his beautiful wife Simone, receives a phone call from an Estate Attorney. She informs him that his aunt Velma and uncle Rufus have passed away and also tells Donovan that he is the sole beneficiary of their estate.

Mike Ferguson in STAY OUT

When he travels to rural Georgia to fulfill his aunt and uncle’s wishes, he learns that Rufus was brutally murdered. In life, Rufus and Velma practiced black magic. In death, Rufus will possess and use Donovan as a vessel to murder those who killed him as well as their descendants.

Kareem J. Grimes (All American), Christopher Sky (Sins in the Suburbs), and Desiree Mitchell (LOYALTY) also star with Mike Ferguson (Amityville Uprisng) in Jared Safier’s directorial debut, STAY OUT.

  • Produced by Damien Douglas, Written by Quinn Early and Anthony D. Bell
  • Make up by Missy Andria, Coya Brown, and Victoria Margiasso

Exclusive Look at Mike Ferguson In Stay Out

STAY OUT streaming Now BET Plus https://www.bet.plus/

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