December 10, 2023

F’d Tales From The End Times – First Look Images and Poster

First Images & Teaser Poster from Horror Anthology F’d: Tales From the End Times

F’d - Tales From the End Times

As principal photography wraps on two of the five segments of the highly anticipated horror anthology, F’d, several images have been released ahead of a forthcoming trailer. The first set of images come to us from director Ash Hamilton’s wraparound and end segment tentatively titled “Declassified”.

Hamilton made headlines in the 2021-2022 festival seasons when his debut feature Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story broke records worldwide making it the most highly awarded found footage film ever made. When asked if his segment would follow the found footage tradition Hamilton stated, “I think there’s still ground to break within the subgenre. What you’re going to see here might push the boundaries of found footage and POV, but it will do it in a way that I think will ultimately satisfy and surprise the audience.” Hamilton continued, “With Holes (in the Sky) we wanted to use the mockumentary method and sort of play with reality. Here, this is definitely full-blown fantasy. It’s action-horror and pretty relentless… and very, VERY gory.”

The film features other segments from the likes of directors Dillon Brown (The Flock, Tahoe Joe), Ben Harl (Last Day, Afterlife), Josh Brucker (Mothman) and John Isberg (Final Summer). Brucker’s segment has also been shot with other director’s segments shooting over the course of the summer.

F’d: Tales From the End Times is aiming for a late 2023 festival run with distribution set for 2024.


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