February 24, 2024

Final X: Final Experiment Premiering at The Chinese Theater

Actor and Director Thomas Haley’s newest film, Final X: The Final Experiment is set to premiere at the iconic Chinese Theater for the 7th annual Silicon Beach Film Festival.

Final X The Final Experiment Poster

Everyone needs closure from something, Erik Crowe (Thomas Haley) has signed up for what he thinks is a social experiment for other peoples pain, but it just might be The Final Experiment for him, at the hands of three scientists (Jessica Cameron, Konstantin Lavysh and James Duval) with seemingly unclear motives.

Final X stars James Duval (Donnie Darko, Independence Day, May), Konstantin Lavysh (Ice, The Americans), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Song of Solomon, Red Eye), Robert Donovan (The Black Room, Art of the Dead, Sunset Society), Dani Inks (Hornet, My Uncle John is a Zombie, Maskhead), and Hadiyyah Noelle (Intrusion, Boo Bitch).

Final X: Final Experiment will have its world premiere at the Silicon Beach Film Festival on Sat. Sept. 10, 2022.

Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.siliconbeachfilmfestival.com/tickets

Final X: Final Experiment is produced by H2 Crew Productions. H2 Crew Productions is an Independent film production company that produces Narrative films in feature and featurette lengths on a wide range of media platforms, including Video on Demand streaming services, Blurays, Dvd’s, and social media sites.

Director Thomas Haley had this to say about the premiere:

“When I read the script that Alek Gearhart had sent me for the first time, In my head I saw a film that I had hoped would touch someones heart, 4 months later being able to screen Final X: The Final Experiment on the 60 foot tall screen at the CHINESE THEATER in HOLLYWOOD, California, I am still hopeful that the film we were able to complete is as thought provoking, thrilling and touching as that first time I read it on the page. This Is a proud moment for me, my gratitude to each and every person that gave it their 110% to make this project come together.”

Actress Dani Inks had this to say about filming Final X: Final Experiment:

“To say working with Tom was a pleasure would be a gross understatement. Not only is he both a brilliant director and actor, he’s also a kind and wonderful person who made it a joy to be on set. I was in awe of him throughout the entire process and I’m looking forward to working with him many more times in the future!”

For more information about Final X: Final Experiment check out the following links:


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