February 26, 2024

FINDING 66 Official Poster and Teaser Trailer

FINDING 66 is a new horror film from John Roberts and Wolf Krusemark at Creative Kill Productions.

Finding 66

F*ck Around And Find Out… what all the buzz is about in this teaser trailer.

Warning: Due to it’s violent nature, viewer discretion is advised. What you are about to see is actual footage from the abduction of Courtney Jaimeson. The content is intense and graphic.

In 2013, local authorities and law enforcement agencies uncovered a series of tragic incidents involving… the discovery of a slain women along iconic Route 66, spanning from Texas to New Mexico.

What follows next is authentic footage depicting the abduction of Courtney Jaimeson in 2022.

FINDING 66 Teaser Trailer

To learn more check out Creative Kill Productions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creativekillproductions/

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