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First MEGAFOOT Photos Released – Cybernetic Psycho Stills

MEGAFOOT PosterIf you’re a fan of ours on Facebook (If you’re not… why aren’t you? Head there and click LIKE!) you may have run across a list of pages that ScareTissue likes. One of these is an upcoming flick called MEGAFOOT. If you’re not familar with this project here’s a description sure to get you excited:

A highly classified experiment accidentally unleashes a top secret killing machine known as MEGAFOOT. Part Cyborg, Part Bigfoot. All Terror! And now it’s up to an elite squad of soldiers to track down the beast and kill it before it destroys everyone and everything in its path. A married couple, a group of college students, the scientists who know the truth, and some not-too friendly locals are about to confront their worst nightmare in this action-packed, horror thriller, gore-ride that’s bigger than big… It’s MEGAFOOT!

Part Bigfoot part Cyborg? I don’t know about you, but this has Six Million Dollar Man / Bigfoot written all over it… and that’s TREMENDOUS!!!

In any case, we got a pretty exciting press release passed to us that I wanted to pass along about this project:

MEGAFOOT Photos Released To The Public!

Exclusive Stills Showcase The Cybernetic Psycho  

December 3, 2014, New York, NY – After months of rampant excitement, Ship To Shore Media, in connection with studio Epic Pictures, have finally given us a look at the MEGAFOOT beast in anticipation of the upcoming creature-feature!



With no further information available, the stills suggest that more news will be presented soon…

MEGAFOOT is a top-secret killing monstrosity (half Machine, half Bigfoot, all Terror!), which has recently escaped from the highly covert laboratory where it was created. An elite squad of soldiers has been sent to track and destroy the sadistic sasquatch before it wreaks its horrific vengeance on the human race. Expect action, suspense, creative kills and gore-soaked thrills in a movie that’s bigger than big… it’s MEGAFOOT!

You can learn more about MEGAFOOT on the film’s official Facebook fan page or on Twitter by following @MEGAFOOTMOVIE.

Make sure to give them a “like” and a “follow” and tell them ScareTissue sent you!

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  1. Chewie Chewie says:

    Ran across this on Amazon. Megafoot Limited Edition Gold 45 Record Display. Only 500 made. Limited quanities. FREE US SHIPPING

    Not sure exactly what it is… but I’m guessing it was a perk from a previous crowd funding campaign. Anyone know?

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