May 26, 2024

Four Minutes of Suspense With ‘The Mannequin’

Back again today with another Short Movie Monday film review which happens to be my first review of 2020! The Mannequin (2020) is a short horror film starring Alexia Zahedi and directed by Kévin Mendiboure.  It tells the story of Alexia who is spending the evening alone, waiting for her boyfriend to get off work. And then strange things happen with a mannequin…

The Mannequin (2020)

Thoughts & Recommendation

I’m not going to bury the lead here – this is great! In just over three minutes you get invested into Alexia and realize immediately that she’s in peril. This film does an outstanding job of utilizing today’s technology (texting) in a way that’s completely familiar to its audience. It’s shot well and has awesome sound design. Many times with these shorts the darks are too dark and you can’t see anything without turning the contrast WAY up on your TV or monitor. Not the case here. Alexia makes one (fatal?) flaw here when she doesn’t keep her phone plugged in but I can let that slide in the name of horror.

Not a ton more to say about a flick that’s just under four minutes. The Mannequin is an outstanding little short that’s well worth your time to watch. Do yourself a favor and check it out below on the YouTube channel French Horror Movies!

The Mannequin (2020)

  • Written + Directed by: Kevin Mendiboure
  • Starring: Alexia Zahedi
  • Sound: Fabrice Valsin
  • VFX: Romain Bonneau


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