June 4, 2023

Fright Teck Pictures ‘Scarred’ Coming To DVD May 3rd

Scarred (2013)Late in 2015 I reviewed Scarred which was written and directed by Eddie Lengyel and stars Don Kilrain as Jonah Kandie. When I sat down with Eddie late last year he was in the midst of working through the details of getting his latest film to market and I’m THRILLED to report that it’s finally becoming a reality.

Scarred Comes To DVD In Walmart On May 3rd

Cringe and scream as you watch the latest horror film from Fright Teck Pictures!

Unique in that the film has both experienced actors and newcomers which include:

  • Ari Lehman the original Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
  • Lisa Neeld Playboy cover and model
  • Mark Cray The Grindhouse Massacre and others
  • Wonderful local talent

Shooting much of the film in Medina County, Ohio, the film will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch some great performances from our cast!

Scarred (2013) AltScarred Synopsis

Scarred (previously know as Kandie Land) is a throwback to the ‘80s Horror Genre with its “in your face kills” provided by its six foot Jason’esk type killer, Jonah Kandie. The story takes place in modern day, with the owner of a modeling agency, Faye Ambler (played by Justine Greenwald) has been propositioned by a wealthy upper echelon, George Sanders, whose son is a nature photographer and is looking for his dad to give him a break in the fashion world.

Faye sends four of her girls to Wolf Ledges for the shoot, since it is known for its quiet and rural nature. Faye feels this remote resort would be perfect for a newbie nature photographer to practice his new craft. As the story unfolds, the models, their chaperon “Bo” (who happens to be Faye’s nephew), and Brodie the
photographer, have a run-in with a couple of townies and are ultimately warned of the Kandies. Needless to say the group is not buying it and they go along with a blatant disregard to the warning, finally succumbing to their fate one by one as expected by the wrath of no other than Jonah Kandie.

Scarred features the “First Jason Vorhees” Ari Lehman, Playboy Model Lisa Neeld along with Janine Bowles Sarnowski, Carl Ferrara, Don Kilrain and an
aspiring cast that really put forth a solid effort in their performances in this film written and directed by Eddie Lengyel.

Scarred Creative Team

Eddie LengyelEddie Lengyel (Writer/Director) – After graduating from Solon High School, Eddie pursued his dreams of filmmaking at Kent State University. While attending Kent State he was offered an opportunity in the music industry. This led to a life-long career as a DJ. After having a nice run in the local club circuit, Eddie wanted to pursue radio, so he attended the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, where he earned a degree in radio and television. Soon after, he decided to take a shot a writing his first screenplay and in 2005, Fright Teck Pictures was formed. Currently Fright Teck has four films under its belt, with one in distribution, two in post and now his debut big screen feature, Scarred. For this film, Lengyel has partnered with cinematographer/Editor Noelle Bye and special FX artists, Raven Lunatic and Daniel Blain Click.

Principal photography on this micro-budget production took three months, viewers familiar with Medina County will undoubtedly recognize many of the locations that our Location Scout, Janine Sarnowski, secured for us. For Lengyel the locations boded well for bringing his vision to the screen. Sarnowski also co-starred in the film as “Luna”.

Lengyel sought funding through Executive Producer Don Kilrain, who also stars in the film as Jonah Kandie. Three actors also well known to Horror Fans headline the talented cast: Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th), Lisa Neeld (Playboy Model) and Shawn C. Philipps (Ghost SharkGrave Encounter 2, Girls Gone Dead) along with some of Cleveland’s best local talent.

Noelle Bye HansenNoelle Bye – Noelle has worked on a number of independent films, including the award-winning Chill (co-director, director of photography, and editor.) She also has extensive experience in news videography and editing, including her work in television (including a top 60 TV market station) and web with a focus on multimedia (including two major news sites in Northeast Ohio). Bye has more than 13 years of experience shooting and editing.

GD FXGreg Lanning and Daniel Blaine Click make up GD FX. The duo has done fx for Night of the Cannibals, Dawsons War and Scarred. Dan and Greg bring a great energy to the set and their love for the genre shows in their work.

David ChapmanDavid Chapman – Over the last 30 years David has worked in some of the largest haunted houses in the world including the St.Louis County Morgue, also The House on Haunted Hill and has formed his own design firm Caotic Designs FX. Dave has worked on projects like Thankxgiving along with videos for Rammstine and now Scarred.

Scarred Principal Cast

Ari LehmanAri Lehman – Ari Lehman is the actor/singer who has the unique honor of having played the role of the First Jason Voorhees in the Paramount Classic Horror film Friday the 13th (1980). The original ‘Boy in the Lake’ himself, Ari played a crucial role in the film’s famous scene in which he suddenly emerges from the icy waters of Crystal Lake. Working with Special Effects Master Tom Savini at an early age gave Ari a deep appreciation for the Horror Greats including Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. Since 2009, Ari records and tours the U.S. and Europe with his Horror Rock Band, “First Jason”, based in Chicago.

Lisa NeeldLisa Neeld – Tall (5.8”), sexy and pneumatic blonde bombshell Lisa Marie Neeld, hails from Mineral Ridge, Ohio. She is of Swedish descent. Lisa was raised by her mother and attended Mineral Ridge High School where she was a track star. Neeld did a lot of local modeling in her late teens and studied Criminal Justice at Youngstown State University. In 2007 Lisa decided to pose for a photo shoot as a Valentine’s Day present for her husband, and the photographer told her she should send photos to Playboy. This in turn led to Neeld attending a casting call for Playboy models in Indianapolis in August, 2007. Lisa was chosen along with nine other women to appear in a Playboy cyber club pictorial. Neeld has since gone on to be featured in several Playboy newsstand special editions (gracing the cover of the March, 2009 issue of Playboy’s Hot Housewives). Lisa works out five days a week and now lies in Cortland, Ohio with her husband and two children.

Janine Bowles SarnowskiJanine Bowles Sarnowski – Always wanting to act and sing, with her children grown Janine auditioned for a theater part, was hooked and went on to do over 13 musicals and dramas in local theater before being asked to do a part in a local film. The film industry hooked her as well and she went on to do over 25 TV commercials, photo shoots (including the cover of magazines), and has worked or starred in over 20 films, including First Encounter, Telling Mom, Breast  Friends, Dying 2 Meet U, Chill, The Long Slow Death of a Twenty-Something, The Farm, and various short films, web series and many more. With two in post-production, she has recently been offered a part in another upcoming feature film. Her latest The Dawson War and Scarred are surely going to attract attention from producers worldwide. Always a busy lady, Janine has also added Location Scout, Assistant Producer, Assistant Director and writer to her many titles and is currently working on three additional films.

Don KilrainDon Kilrain – Don has starred in Hellweek, Murder Machine, Hostile Denial, Voodoo Rising and now Scarred. Kilrain helped produce Voodoo Rising and was the Executive Producer and star of Scarred. His role as Jonah Kandie was very menacing and forthright, since Don weighs in at 250 pounds and stands 6 foot, five inches tall, his physical attributes helped morph his character into a modern day Jason Vorhees.

Julie Anne Prescott – By the age of 20, Julie Anne had established herself as a spokes model (working with companies such as Troma Studios and Sony PlayStation) as well as a widely published alternative model appearing in such nationally distributed publications as Gothic Beauty Magazine. Since accepting her first role, Julie Anne has been working non-stop, both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. Presently she has an impressive film resume, ranging from feature length films, award winning shorts, to nationally televised programs.

Tina GrimmTina Grimm – Tina was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1982 and doctors said that she probably would never be able to walk or grow correctly, wearing leg braces for the first two years of her life. A nurse also unkindly told her mother that she was “the ugliest baby she had ever seen”. Despite Tina’s challenging early life, and being the victim of a vicious assault as a young adult, Tina is an accomplished model, actress, and artist. Her paintings reflect emotion through color and movement. She has become a well-known model in the Cleveland area over the last eight years, walking in several runway shows. Her transition into acing three years ago continues to grow with two project currently in post and two more in pre-production for 2012. A true “Ugly Duckling” story, Tina will continue to beat the odds.

Carl F. FerraraCarl F. Ferrara – A stand-up comedian and local DJ, Carl Ferrara is one funny guy, known for his obnoxious ways, his pseudo name “Hot Carl” rings through-out the Cleveland Comedy Clubs. His first attempt at film acting, Carl was a huge asset in Scarred.

Alex Russo – Alex is one of the hardest and busiest working actresses in the Cleveland area. Alex has studied acting for 20 years and travels to N.Y., Chicago and L.A. Alex has been receiving national attention from filmmakers across the country ad when she is not modeling, she is lining up her next feature film. Alex is definitely a star in the making.

Molly Miller – Standing at four feet four inches, Molly is NOT your typical 24-year old. A student of the piano and ballet, Molly caught the acting bug in 2009 and now is a student at the Houde School of Acting. She has been enjoying every minute of it! Molly plays a very intricate role in Scarred and really steals the show on many levels, without being a spoiler, audiences will be pleasantly surprised by her performance as “Tiny” in Scarred. Molly has added numerous films to her resume and is now adding stunt work as well.

Jessica LauschinJessica Lauschin – From a very young age, Jessica had a love for the arts. A graduate of Bowling Green in Business Development, Jessica is a student of the Houde School of Acting and has appeared in a few short films before landing the lead role as Jessica Taylor in Fright Teck pictures; Scarred. Jessica has a tremendous work ethic and believes that the characters we portrait will help us have a better understanding of ourselves.

Justine GreenwaldJustine Greenwald – From 2008-2010, Justine Greenwald co-hosted over 50 episodes of Time Warner Cleveland’s Mic Check 216, an interview show with local and national celebrities shot on location throughout Cleveland. Justine has hosted numerous events for Fashion TV Network and TV20 special projects. She has since been hosting a show covering local artists and entertainment in Cleveland called Reel Cleveland. Acting came naturally to her and she has been in several films including Dying 2 Meet U.

Shawn C. PhillipsShawn C. Phillips – Shawn is Meisner trained and has received a degree in broadcasting from Arizona State University’s Cronkite School. Originally based in Cleveland he has since appeared in numerous horror films, award winning feature films,, commercials and more. He has been making short films since the 7th grade and has been acting in the online web series The Don and Murph Show since 2004. Shawn also does a bi-weekly DVD Review Update Series on Youtube.

Bart FlynnBart Flynn – A graduate of Kent State University, Bart has done dozens of commercial voice overs along with voice overs in independent films. You can catch Bart in Take Shelter and hear him in the animated feature The Puppet Monster Massacre.

Devin Steiner – Devin has always had a passion for modeling, acting and print ad commercials. Devin is the mother of two, a devoted wife, and has been in the feature film “Dying 2 Meet U”. She has the role in Scarred as the lovely and sexy assistant “Tash”. She is currently adding other films and shorts to her resume.

Mark CrayScarred Still (7) – A working actor born and raised in Minnesota. Throughout his childhood Mark performed in many theatrical plays including Brigadoon and The Sting. He went to the state championships as a Public Speaking contestant before joining the military after high school. After four years of outstanding service to our country Mark traveled down from the land of ice and snow to expand upon his craft at Toledo University. Here he got his first real taste in film with the independent short film Weeding the Garden. As fortune would have it the aspiring actor would have to wait several years to get his next taste of the so called acting bug. Mind you this was not for a lack of trying. No, Mark put his dreams aside for almost a decade to start a family. He now lives happily with his loving wife and four beautiful daughters. With the support of his family Mark is pushing onward with his dream of acting. His first full-length independent film, The Grindhouse Massacre, was a hit and he has since continued his career with such films as Reunion and The Horror Convention Massacre, recipient of the ‘Golden Coconut’ for best horror film at the Miami Underground Film Festival in March of 2007.

Mark is finally hitting his stride and considered an ‘up and comer’, with 3 films scheduled to premiere this fall. Never Escape by Mancinetti Pictures in Sept. as well as The Ritual by Fleet Street Films Premiering at the Newark Film Festival and playing at such venues as Dark X-mas, Crypticon, and a slew of others. And the long awaited Voodoo Rising is set to premiere in October.

Max Ryan MasonMax Ryan Mason – Max is fairly new to the business, but has already appeared in Get Serious as well as Scarred. He has since moved on to new prospects.

Haley Kosinski – An aspiring model and actress, Haley was a total natural on the set of Scarred. She has a solid work ethic and always brings a sense of professionalism to the set. Haley also works as a makeup artist and is looking forward to building her acting and modeling career.

You can find more information about Scarred at the following links:

Scarred will be available nationwide at Walmart on May 3rd!


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