September 30, 2023

Ghostbusters (2016) – Who Ya Gonna Call

Ghostbusters (2016) AltIf you’ve been online at all this past weekend, chances are you’ve seen a review for Ghostbusters (2016). Maybe even one here on ScareTissue. If you HAVE been online and haven’t seen one, I can only assume you are too caught up in Disney Emoji Blitz or are too busy Pokémoning. (What I call playing Pokémon Go.)

In light of all the crap I’ve seen spewed, I thought this would be the perfect movie to come back with. Let’s face it, I like to spew crap right back! See, I’ve been out of sorts lately. I’ve just felt uninspired. And frankly, some of the movies I’ve been watching are not worth my time, let alone yours, and so I’ve fallen to the side. But the past few weeks, I’ve felt more like my old self again, and so I’m comin’ at ya with yet another review of the new Ghostbusters. Chewie posted his review, but I decided I was going to go ahead and throw another one at ya. I will say we seemed to have similar opinions. In short, it was fun! Though we did disagree on a few things too.

Now, first I want to say this: I go into movies with little expectation – as such I am rarely disappointed. On the other hand, I’m the woman that made it a point to actually sit down and watch Boa vs. Python, Sharknado, and Sharktopus. Yes, it’s safe to say I don’t mind a true crap-fest now and then. Don’t get me wrong, I can be as pretentious as the next person (The Grey is one of my favorite movies), but sometimes I like my movies down, dirty, and.. well, bad.

But… yep, there is a but! I take exception with people that want to trash a movie without having seen it for one reason and one reason only – “OH, it’s a remake.”

To that I say, “Boo, Friggin’, Hoo. Get over your shit.”

Let me break it down:

  1. A remake does NOT-I repeat-does NOT take away from the original. You have a soft spot for the original? Cool. Don’t see the remake. But trashing a movie for the simple fact that it is a remake is lazy and makes you look like a whiny turd.
  2. There will ALWAYS be movies we don’t like. I’m not a fan of Hellraiser. But do I care if they make 600 sequels? NOOOO. Know why? Cause I can simply NOT see it.
  3. Sexism. HUGE issue with this one. By implying that the only reason this movie was made is because Hollywood is trying to get away from the notion that it’s sexist is… sexist! That’s negating the talent that was in this reboot, that’s dismissing the talent that McCarthy, McKinnon, Wiig, Jones, and Hemsworth have. And that’s crap.
  4. Now, hold your horses on this one… Some remakes (I’m not saying all, and I’m not saying this one) are better or just as good as the originals. You heard me!
  5. And I want to be VERY clear on this – If you have seen this movie and can share your opinion like an adult as to why you didn’t like this film (or why you did), cool. I’m game! MANY people don’t agree with my take on movies. I have weird taste, but I’ll always respect an educated opinion.

Now, I did go into this movie with reservations, BUT I also went in with an open mind. Does that make sense? Probably not, but go with me here.

Ghostbusters.I LOVED the original. LOVED it. I dragged my dad to it opening weekend, and he gamely sat through it – dare I say he even enjoyed it. I saved my money and bought it on VHS (If you don’t know what that is, quit reading now!), and I bought the collector’s edition Blu Ray years later. I’ve watched it with each of the boys, made The Husband sit through it countless times, and still I love it. I quote it often with our Oldest, who is also a fan. Hell, I didn’t even mind part two. So, when I heard about this movie, I was intrigued.

I also admit I’m a fan of the gals. They are funny. NOT funny female comedians, but simply funny. I have enjoyed watching each of them on SNL, I liked Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy. (Ok, maybe I just like McCarthy a whole lot.)

So, with my love of the story and the cast, I was willing to give the movie a chance.

So, you all know the story, right?

Kristen Wiig plays Erin Gilbert, a scientist trying to get tenure at her stuffy NY college. Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon play Abby Yates and Jillian Holtzmann – her colleagues from a less prestigious school, if you will. Each of the women embodies the roles that Ramis, Murray, and Aykroyd brought to life, and yet they did it with respect. They didn’t simply try to turn into female versions of the guys. They took what we loved about them and made it their own. Leslie Jones, who I was a bit unsure about, was great as the straight woman. Ernie Hudson was awesome as Winston in the original two. He brought a realistic (I know, right?) bent to the show. He said what everyone was thinking, and Jones did that with aplomb here. Toned down from SNL, she brought an every person (see what I did there?) mentality to the group and more than contributed.

Chris Hemsworth was a riot as Kevin, the handsome but dumb office assistant they end up hiring. Rather than seeming like the sexually harassed ditz, you got the feeling that Hemsworth was in on the joke, and he ran with it.

There were a few notable side parts. My favorite Stewart, err… I mean Michael McDonald as a stressed out theater manager. Neil Casey brought a certain smarmy delight to his character. Andy Garcia as the Mayor, and Cecily Strong as his assistant were both great in their smaller roles. Even the cameos by the original players worked – Murray’s best of all. He plays noted Ghost Debunker, Martin Heiss. But Weaver, Aykroyd, and Hudson all fit right in, and Potts had me laughing at loud.

Ghostbusters.The plot was fairly fluid. Someone built a machine to magnify paranormal activity, and the Ghostbusters were the only ones that can stop it. Of course, the mayor doesn’t want anyone to know what’s up and neither does the NSA. But, if the GBs can keep everything on the downlow, they will be free to continue their research.

So, yeah, we watched it. And you know what? I’m glad we did! It was funny! The Husband and I took Son’s 4 and 5 to the drive-in. Yep a drive-in. (If you don’t know what that is, quit reading now!) So that right there was super cool to begin with. But we all laughed, we cheered, we hooted, and we hollered. To put it bluntly, it was a fun way to spend a couple hours on a warm Friday night.

But then you see that people had such strong opinions about this movie that so many aren’t even willing to give it a chance. Now, as I’ve made pretty clear, remakes/reboots/reimaginings don’t bother me. I’ll see what I want – might like some of it, might not. And I move on. I’ll revisit the movies I do like. Care to take a guess how many times I’ve seen Aliens? And I’ll forget about the movies I don’t. What I refuse to do is trash a movie on my own, perhaps misguided, principles. See a movie or don’t, but actively trashing and whining about a movie you refuse to see gives you no credence in my book. In fact, it kinda makes you look like a simpleton, but anyway. Short of it is I see no point getting up in arms about a movie I haven’t seen.

Let’s be honest, times have changed. Technology has skyrocketed in so little time. What they can do with SFX now is amazing. They didn’t have this technology in 1984. Don’t get me wrong, the original had some stand out moments, but so does this movie. The Husband remarked on how colorful the movie was… and it is! Oohhh. Aahhh.

Ghostbusters.And it was nice to see the females treated just like the males in the original. They aren’t talked down to because they are females. They are scientists – period. Sexism exists, not just in Hollywood, but everywhere. I’m curious if people think the original was sexist. Is The Expendables sexist? What about The Magnificent Seven? Sexist? (That movie looks awesome by the way.) Were people up in arms about the true hero of Batman v Superman? (I’m trying not to spoil it here.) Social media makes up a HUGE portion of mainstream media these days. If there are 200+ articles out there saying this movie is sexist, what do you think outlets are going to pick up on? I call hogwash. I’d prefer people change the narrative.

Again, Hemsworth embraced his role as the Beef Cake – he had fun with it, and we got a few laughs watching it. And, if nothing else, he did get his sandwich back (Don’t know what I mean? SEE THE MOVIE!).

In the end, Hemsworth got his sandwich, and I got exactly what I thought I would – a loud, colorful, FUNNY summer movie that paid homage to the original, but still did its own thing. Did I like it better than the original? I can’t say I did, but I also know that some of my love for the original has to do more with nostalgia than the actual merits of the film.

So, here is what I’ll say to all the naysayers, fanboys/girls, and yes, whiners. See it or don’t, but stop trashing a movie you refuse to see – makes you sound like a petulant crybaby.

*Mic drop!


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