April 13, 2024

Girls Night 2 (2018) – Nightmare Sequel

Girls Night 2 (2018)About a year ago I brought you a review of David Teixeira’s Girls Night which was a clever retelling of the horror classic Bloody Mary. I always enjoy watching filmmakers through their career as they grow and advance in their craft so I’m thrilled to say that David reached out again to share the sequel Girls Night 2. The film is on its festival run currently and will be made available to the public in the fall.

Girls Night 2 Synopsis

One year after the deadly events of last year’s Halloween, Jess (Marina de Sousa) keeps having the same nightmare over and over where she finds herself helpless in front of a masked killer. Her friend Pierre (Vincent Conty) invites her to spend some time with him at his house and decides to throw a cosy and innocent pyjama party to try to keep her mind occupied. While her nightmares seem to be getting intense by the minute, Jess can’t shake the idea that the killer may be back to pay her a visit.

Plot, Thoughts & Recomendation

We start out with a callback to the previous film. We learn rather quickly that Jess is having nightmares about the events of that film where her friends were murdered. From here we go through a series of creepy events where Jess and her boyfriend (?) stay in the for the night, watch a movie and fall asleep. The same masked intruder from Girls Night shows up and we have to ask… are these nightmares or is this reality? Just when you think you know what’s going on there’s another twist around the corner.

Just like the previous entry, Girls Night 2 is a solid little short horror film. It runs just over 13 minutes and even though it’s all subtitled I didn’t have any problem either following along with the story or getting invested in the characters. They don’t do anything stupid which I always appreciate in my horror films. I do have to say that while this was directed, filmed and acted very well it did get a bit dark toward the middle end of the film to the point where I had a hard time seeing what was going on. That small complaint aside, I was happy to get another entry into the Girls Night series and was especially grateful to see the characters carry through.

I’ll take a quote from my previous review, “The killer here has a great look reminiscent of a porcelain doll. Think The Strangers meets Scream. What gore we have here is very well done. It’s not over the top and it just out of focus enough to feel believable. Great effort from David Teixeira and crew… solid recommend.” All of that was true of the first film and continues to hold true for Girls Night 2. When you have an opportunity get yourself a double feature of Girls Night followed up with Girls Night 2. You’ll be glad you did.

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