July 14, 2024

Gone With The Dead Launches New Indiegogo Campaign

GONE WITH THE DEAD is a new horror-comedy zombie film from director Justin W. Smith that has recently launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

Gone With The Dead

Gone With The Dead Synopsis

A mysterious virus sweeps across the entire west coast infecting millions of people and turning them into flesh-eating zombies. In the midst of the chaos, two different groups of survivors manage to find shelter in a remote farmhouse and a grungy strip club downtown. As the zombies close in on them, the survivors must overcome their differences and work together to find a way out. But they soon discover that the virus is not the only threat they face. There are others who are willing to do anything to survive the madness, even if it means betraying their own kind. Will the survivors escape the horror, or will they be Gone…with the Dead?!

Cast: Derek Crowe, Sophia Rodes, Joshua Flores, Jeanne Young, Czar, Olga Molina, Boynton Paek, Serena Starks, Paul T. Williams Jr., Sarah Christine, Cameron Lee Price, Jackie Gerhardy, Daniel Valent, Bunny Stewart, Al Omega, Jennifer Nangle, Jason Zlatkus.

Perks include Special Edition Blu-ray, a download copy, even a Limited Edition VHS tape version of the film. Props from the set, behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, and much much more.

More information:

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