May 26, 2024

Gore Orphanage Opens July 11th in Sandusky, OH

Gore OrphanageA local Ohio legend is coming to life on the big screen July 11th, 2015 in Sandusky, Ohio.  Gore Orphanage is a remote wooded road in Vermillion, OH that is popular among teenagers and ghost hunters.  The legend is that (years ago) an orphanage stood on this road.  You can still find its remains, and if you’re lucky, you may spot a ghost or hear the voices of its inhabitants that still walk the area.

Writer Cody Knotts was inspired to write the script for Gore Orphanage for his then fiancee Emily Lapisardi while driving from their home state of Pennsylvania to Cleveland for a premier of his film Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.  The couple then collaborated on a final product, and Lapisardi decided to direct.  The couple noticed the sign and was curious to find out about the legend of this strangely named road.  Soon, they were casting and attracted names such as Maria Olsen and author/motivational speaker/philanthropist Bill Townsend.  Last July, we even caught up with the cast and crew as they were filming.

Here is the press release for the premiere party, and look for to provide great coverage of the event!

Horror Society’s Most Anticipated Title of 2015

Gore Orphanage Announces World Premiere

“Some things are worse than losing your family”

April 25, 2015-Sandusky, OH– The world premiere for Horror Society’s most anticipated film of 2015 will be held at Sandusky State Theater in Sandusky, Ohio, just 20 minutes from the location of the most popular urban legend in the state of Ohio, on July 11th with events on the 10th and 11th.

The film stars Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson/Paranormal Activity 3/Starry Eyes), Internet Tycoon Bill Townsend, Keri Maletto (Home Shopping Network) and introduces a trio of amazing child actors Emma Leigh Smith, Nora Hoyle and Brandon Mangin Jr.  It also stars five Cleveland natives Rick Montgomery Jr,  Jeremy Kaluza, Brooke Bellaurdo, Chris Bores and Cari Lynn Pisano.

The premiere will be attended by Maria Olsen, Emma Leigh Smith, Sandusky’s own Miss America Jackie Mayer (whose son Bill Townsend stars in the film) and the film’s stunt coordinator “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.  Also in attendance will be the Director Emily Lapisardi and her husband Executive Producer Cody Knotts.

The film is a female-centered horror story directed by Emily Lapisardi in her directorial debut.  Filmed in 2014 in Scottdale, PA, the story is set in the 1930’s and follows the life of Nellie, an orphan, who is brought to Gore Orphanage and discovers quickly that some things are worse than losing your family.

This is the fifth film produced by veteran independent producer Cody Knotts (Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies) and was filmed in Scottdale, PA with a cast of over 20 local children in addition to the actors listed above.   Knotts has worked with such horror icons as Doug Bradley and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in the past.

The film was a husband and wife collaboration of Mr. Knotts and Ms. Lapisardi.  Mr. Knotts wrote the film to impress his then fiancée, who was inspired by a road sign in Ohio during travel for Knotts’ film Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.

Gore Orphanage Final DVD Art


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