November 29, 2023

Gory & Vengeful Short ‘DANA’ Now Running In OSCARS Race

Bloody Feminist Vigilante Short Raises Awareness on Women’s Safety in an Unconventional Neon-Lit Satire


The highly acclaimed rape-revenge short film DANA serves as a glorious catharsis for Spanish writer-director Lucía Forner Segarra, whose inspiration for the story came to her after an assault.

The angry yet humorous short has been selected at over 120 film festivals, collecting 42 awards along the way, including the prestigious Best Live Action Short Award at the Oscar®-qualifying St-Louis International Film Festival. This highly coveted recognition propels Forner Segarra into the 2022/23 international awards race. DANA was also shortlisted for the Goya awards, Spain’s main national annual film awards.

“Fantastic twist, under a #MeToo lens, on the revenge and urban vigilante genres, with a mise-en-scène of utmost elegance and a brilliant use of dark comedy,” said Xavi Sánchez Pons (Selection Committee of Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia) about the short.

The story is about Diana, a young woman who after surviving an assault decides something must change and takes the law into her own hands under the moniker DANA.

“DANA burst out of my guts. It has allowed me to work through my anger and trauma, and to talk openly about a topic as taboo as sexual assault. Thanks to the short, I have connected with the people around me and with strangers, women who have opened up to me about their assaults. There has not been a screening of DANA in which no one spoke up in person or through social media about this issue afterwards,” says director Lucía Forner Segarra.

“It isn’t a comfortable subject and in most cases, the victim knows the aggressor and it is extremely hard to speak up and report it. But it must be done and that’s why I made this movie,” she concludes.

DANA is an 18-min short written, directed, and produced by Lucía Forner Segarra. It stars Thais Blume (DANA), Niko Verona (TOMÁS), Josean Bengoetxea (AUGUSTO), Iñake Irastorza (FERRETER). Cinematography by Claudia Rodríguez. Production Design by Luciana Garriga. Editing by Fanny Fernández Morales. Original score by Joan Vilà. Distribution Company: YAQ.

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