December 3, 2023

Hamlet’s Ophelia Returns for Bloody Vengeance

Ophelia's RevengeOphelia’s Revenge, a horror comic of Shakespearean proportions, on Kickstarter now

Baltimore, MD, September 1, 2016: Writer, James McGee, and Red Stylo Media have launched a Kickstarter to fund a new horror one-shot, inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, Ophelia’s Revenge.

Jilted by her summer fling and fellow Hamlet player, Jean goes looking for a little magical payback from a Renaissance fair fortune teller selling curses on the side. Things don’t go as planned when she unleashes Shakespeare’s Ophelia, a vengeful spirit who goes on to wreak bloody havoc on the festival.

From the campaign: “Overgrown with gore, violence, and dark humor, Ophelia’s Revenge is an homage to the cheeky, bloody horror popularized in classic anthologies like Eerie, Tales From The Crypt, and Vault of Horror. And of course, The Bard, William Shakespeare, who gave up the ghost 400 years ago this year!”

Ophelia’s Revenge will be a one-short comic, full color, to be published digitally and in print. The story is written by James McGee (Shakespeare Shaken, Killer Queen), inspired by the devious original vignette by artist, Laura Guzzo. The comic is illustrated by artist, Alex Clark (The 27 Club) and Jan Velazquez (The Star Thief)

The Kickstarter campaign ends September 28, 2016 and is slated for release in December. The campaign also features preview pages and additional art.

Red Stylo Media is a Harvey-nominated independent comics publisher in Baltimore, MD.

For more information about Ophelia’s Revenge check out the following links:

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