May 26, 2024

Heller Talks Dark Was The Night ‘New’ Creature

Dark Was The NightA new creature is born today in theaters and VOD courtesy of the new horror movie Dark Was the Night.  The creature is nothing like you’ve seen before and is quite.  It’s an amalgamation of many myths and “practical” aspects of what the creature would need to survive.  Director Jack Heller took great deal to not base it on any creature you’ve seen before either.  “We tried to make it something that could be scary to everyone” says Heller.  “We really tried to create our own backstory for it.”

Dark Was The Night also features one of the best setups that I’ve seen to a horror movie in a long time.  One winter morning, a sleepy Maine town awakes to find strange footprints in the snow.  The prints travel to each house, looking into each person’s house.  Even more terrifying, the footprints appear to be biped split hooves.  This incident is based off a similar one that took place in England (Devil’s Footprints).

Dark Was The Night stars Kevin Durand, Heath Freeman, and Bianca Kajlich.  You can hear the full interview below (and I apologize Bianca for not being able to pronounce your last name!).  Look for an upcoming full review of it, but check it out in the meantime.


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