May 20, 2024

Himalaya – The Snowman Cometh

Climb the icy slopes of terror in Himalaya, a cryptid adventure from Ghost Machine Pictures. This low budget/high-altitude horror explores a snowy mystery never fully explained: Is there a yeti living in the Himalayas?

Himalaya Poster

Written and directed by Emmy Award winner Brandon Walker, the film stars Akihiro Kitamura (The Human Centipede), Jesse LeNoir (Wild West Chronicles), Robert Palmer Watkins (The Walking Dead: World Beyond), Ashley Park (Rosewood) and Shoko Rice (Call Me Emanuelle).

Himalaya Cast

Himalaya Synopsis

Broadcasting live from a remote Himalayan outpost, a team of experts search for the mythical “Snow Ghost,” a primitive creature the locals worship and fear. On the frigid peaks above, cryptozoologist Yuma Sato climbs inside a newly discovered ice cave. His mission: Make the discovery of a lifetime in front of an eager online audience. As Dr. Sato climbs deeper into frozen darkness, his camera reveals unexpected horrors. Could this be an internet hoax? Or will the greatest scientific mystery of all time be solved? Only those who watch will know the truth.


Ghost Machine Pictures is a boutique film studio specializing in paranormal horror. GMP’S 2023 release Ghosts of Hiroshima reaffirmed the company’s commitment to high-concept feature films that exceed their budgetary limitations.

Produced by Ashley Park, Nathan Church, Thomas Burke and Lauren Dani, Himalaya claws onto streaming platforms this April.

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