April 19, 2024

Hollywood Premiere And Q&A With Cast Of Quite A Conundrum

Quite A Conundrum Hollywood Screening

Have you ever dreamed about attending a movie premiere in Hollywood, California?  ScareTissue is going to make it happen for a couple of our readers.  And best of all… it’ll be FREE! 

On August, 15th 2013, writer and director Thomas L. Phillips will present his film Quite A Conundrum on the big screen at its Hollywood premiere!  Not only will you get a chance to see this indy gem which I described as “Clerks meets Scream” but you’ll after the show you’ll get a Q&A with Phillips and some of the cast from Quite A Conundrum.  The discussion will include director Thomas Phillips, Joe Coffey, Anthony Rotowicz and Julianna Pitt and will be hosted by comedian Jill-Michele Melean.

Check out the release about the screening:

The critically acclaimed and festival favorite will be hitting the big screen in the big city for one night only. Come see why Scaretissue.com christened the dark sadistic comedy as “CLERKS meets SCREAM.”

“Gripping and Disturbing to Watch” – scaredstiff.com

“Not Only Painstakingly Thought-Provoking, But Camouflages Great Beauty And Substance amidst Its More Obvious Rubble. Now Isn’t That The Very essence Of Great Cinema?” –film threat-

Not only is it a chance to see the movie Film Threat called a “Soon to be Cult Classic,” but it’s also a chance to take part in the craziest post screening Q&A ever. Nothing is off topic and the questions raised with this movie leaves the audience wanting more.

Q&A Attendees will be Writer/Director Thomas L. Phillips, Cast Members Joe Coffey, Anthony Rutowicz and Juli Piechovski. The Q&A session will be filmed and used as a special feature on the upcoming DVD/BLU-RAY release later in the year.

“Horror Comedies are a dine a dozen and a few ever get the formula right, but sometimes someone will hit the nail on the proverbial head! Such is the case with the new indie flick Quite A Conundrum” –dreadcentral.com

The movie will be screening at the prestigious Laemmle NoHo 7 in North Hollywood on Thursday August 15th at 7:30 PM. This is a truly amazing theater for the Indie Filmmaker.

“It Struck A Cord with me, Filling Me With An Emptiness that Lingered Through The Closing Credits” –filmbizarro.com

Quite A Conundrum has been made an Official Selection to 17 Film Festivals All Across The World, Receiving 12 Nominations and Garnering Another 7 Awards. A Few of Those Awards Received were for Best Horror Comedy, Best Thriller/Suspense, Best Feature Film, Best Ensemble Cast, and Best Feature Film.

“Just As Judd Apatow Has Garnered Accolades For Becoming The Voice Of A New Generation, Writer/Director. Thomas L. Phillips Has Definitely Made A case That They Need To Make Room at The Top, As He Poison Pens Some Of The Most Joustful Dark Comedic Banter In Years” –tmakworld.com

“The dark humor gets more and more dark and morbid almost in a Todd Solondz way, that if that situation or joke does not offend you, the next one is going to try harder.” –wickedchannel.com

Tickets to the one night event can be purchased online at the link below:


Trailers, Info, Synopsis, Filmmaker BIO’s and ETC can be found at the movies website: Pictures, Posters, Trailers, Etc can be pulled from the website:

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“Resolutions are never easy and Phillips doesn’t cop out by pulling the parachute early with a lame Disney-esque landing…he weaves into the narrative a labyrinth of sub plots crafting a whodunit twist with even more black comedy” –tmakworld.com

“A fun comedy/thriller…where the real monsters are the human beings and the darkness within their souls” –scaredstiff.com

ScareTissue is giving away 2 tickets to this premiere!  So if you’re in the Hollywood area (or are willing to get out there… sorry we’re not covering travel), all you’ve got to do is interact with us!  To be eligible is to leave a comment below, comment on the Quite A Conundrum review, or share this post via Twitter or Facebook.  Anyone who does is eligible.  We’ll pick the winner on August 8th, 2013… get out there and share!!!


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